Automatic Film Shrink Wrapping Machine Heat Tunnel Tube Wrap Packaging Machine

Shrink packaging is currently on the international market, one of the more advanced packaging methods, it is the use of shrink film wrapped in products or packaging outside, and then heated, so that the packaging material shrink and tighten the product or package, fully display the appearance of goods, And the protection of goods from external shocks, with a certain degree of cushioning, especially when the packaging of glass products, to prevent the glass can be used to prevent the glass, Broken in the scattered, in addition, can reduce the product was demolished, the possibility of theft; shrink film shrink when a certain amount of tension, it can be a group of items to be wrapped tightly wrapped. This product is widely used in light industry, food and beverage, candy, stationery, arts and crafts, printing products, pharmaceutical products, chemical, hardware and electrical components such as shrink packaging.

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