Automatic pallet changing machine manufacturer in China

pallet changing machine

This is the Automatic pallet changing machine manufacturer made in China.

The pallet inverter | Pallet changing machine driven by hydraulic that is for changing pallet easily by manualy. The pallet up turning for separating the pallet that can be take out by hand in floor level.

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I have a customer who is interested in purchasing a machine to provide an inverting function the same as your Pallet Exchanger shown at this link:

However, we want to rotate steel coils like the ones in the attached photo (IMG_3997), by installing this Pallet Exchanger in-line with the existing packaging roller table (as shown in attached photo IMG_3995).  The maximum weight of the coils is 2,000kgs.

I am interested in the following:

1.      Would you standard Pallet Exchanger perform this function?  If not, do you custom design and build these machines?

2.      What would an approximate cost be delivered to Brisbane, Australia?

3.      Do you provide installation services?  If so, what would it cost to install into an existing steel processing line?

4.      What would be the lead time from placement of order to arrival in Brisbane, Australia?