Beverage products packing and shrinking machine

Automatic Equipment Pallet Wrapping Shrink Machine For Beverage IndustryThis machine is used in the shrink- wrap packaging materials outside. After heating, the shrink film contracts and get close to the surface of the packaging which fully demonstrates the appearance to increase the aesthetic value and sense. Meanwhile packaged goods can reach the purpose of sealed, moisture proof, pollution prevention, anti-breakage and theft;
It is also used for a variety of combinations and pallet packaging;
It is widely adopted in large-scale product pallet. The entire package can match with anti-radiation PE shrink film, which can protect the gloss and water & dust-proof but also photochemical oxidation;
The pallet shrink wrapping machine is main to instead of stretch wrapper with the advantages–more aesthetics, integrity and easy transportation;
This machine can be used independently with the function of wrapping goods transportation, heating, fitted, and cooling completed in one time. It adopts automatic temperature control, hot air circulation, energy-saving and efficient. The speed is adjustable and stability equipped with a powerful cooling system;
The machine has advanced design, reliable performance, good contraction effect, beautiful & new structure;
Operation and maintenance are convenient, suitable for a variety of continuous shrink film packaging.