EPS Panel Box packing machine

panel packing machine
This is a video shows the EPS bundle and EPS box bag packing without shrink wrap tunnel. https://www.fhopepack.com/Panel_packing_machine.html

they must accomplish wrapping (with at least 4 complete turns around the package to be wrapped) in less than 6 seconds counting from the moment the operator touches the start button to the moment when the machines is down again.
-------It is possbile, but our standard machine need to be updated.
iv) they must be able to wrap packages of up to 20cm x 20cm located over the rolls of the weighting station.----Okv) they will be pluged to the PLC you supplied (but we will do that)

——-The two stantions need another panel with PLC and than connect it to the PLC supplied
About this, I will be sending you “Video1” video to see how we work and where are located the available spaces.
With this two machines we think that it is quite possible that your standard machines can accomplish these requirements, without any modification.If you think this is the case, please send us the external dimensions of your wrapping machines and a video of them while they work to check times.