L shape heat sealing blade for automatic sealing and shrinking

Automatic Plastic Film Heat Shrink Wrapping Machine L Bar Seal is widely used in packaging requirement for batch production, high efficiency ,auto film feeding and punching ,auto film wrapping, sealing and cutting , manual adjust film guiding system and in-feeding conveyor for different width and height products.

  • Especially For Thin and Small Items Up to Speed 1500 pcs/h
  • Cutter Coated with Teflon ,Not Sticky ,Free of Cracks
  • Anti-Cutting Device
  • Deviceenergy and Electricity Saving
  • Human+Machine Operator
  • Stainless Steel Heating Tube

Automatic L Type Shrink Film Packing Machine is widely used in large-scale production of aluminum profiles, water pipes,Printing, photo frames, electronics, daily chemicals,cosmetcs, etc.