Shrink tunnel

Steam Shrink Tunnel Brief Introduction 

    Our reliable and easy to use steam shrink tunnel is an economical way to shrink both neck bands and full body sleeves. The machine works with PVC, PETG and OPS films.

   The steam shrink tunnel are best for small and large packaging operations. Our steam shrink tunnel is lightweight and easily move around. They also can provide shrink wrapping for any specific packaging project.

1.We have two kinds of steam tunnel . tunnel with glass door and tunnel without glass door .Tunnel with glass door is better to prevent the steam water flow out from the door of the machine to the floor . 

window is inside of tunnel body,  no that problem of water leaking from window.

2.  For different bottles , we usually adjust the heights and positions of the 3 sections of steam spray tubes inside of tunnel.               The shrink usually goes from down to top of bottles. It iseasy to adjust the spray tubes .

3.The material and treatment for spray tubes is very import . low quality will rust soon as they are working in steam . Our spray tubes are SS316 with Electrolytic polishing which will make the them use for long time and not rust 

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