Bearing packaging machine solution manufacturer

For the bearing packaging. There are two main version packaging requirement and solution in the bearing size. For the market following is the main solution can be choose for improving the bearing packaging efficiency and packaging quality.

  1. For the small size bearing

Horizontal Bearing packing machine | for small bearing

This is an small size bearing bag packing machine that is able packing the bearing from size OD:50-150MM. The packing speed can be 10-200pcs per different version. Following is the video shows the small bearing packaging online.

2. Big size bearing packing machine

The big size bearing mean’s the bearing OD from 300-7000mm. It is a big range bearing which includes supportive bearing, wind turbine… And the Max.weight upto 15T…

There are following machine avilable from the leading Chinese manufacturer with different designing.

Big size bearing packing machine | For wind turbine,supportive bearing
Bearing packing machine

Big size wind turbine bearing packing machine

Automatic bearing packing machine
Online conveyor bearing packing machine

It is able connect with conveyor for conveyor handing and packing. That is the popular way accepts by many manufacturer to improving the automation level.

automatic online bearing packing machine

For the economic solution, ther bearing packing machine can be choosen is semiauto wrapper.

The wrapping machine can be vertical or horizontal with manully infeeding and unloading.

Packing materail feeding and cutting by manually.

For more information about the bearing packing machine following is two main manufacturers.

a. Shanghai Fhope Machinery Co.,ltd

b. Jinglin Packaging Machinery Co.,ltd

The resource of the bearing packing machine videos and photos are from above two manufacturer.

Following are some more version in bearing packing machinery.

bearing packing machine manufacturer - FHOPE