September 24, 2023

Spool Tilter/Reel Tilter/Drum Upender

Spool tilter can be applied to turn over different specification goods from horizontal to vertical or from vertical to horizontal easily. The tilting is safe, stable and effective, which is broadly used in metallurgical, stamping, reel coil, drum, metal coil, mould, paper roll, steel belt, wire coil, tubbing, roll material and others.

Now this new spool tilter used more and more popular, it nearly replaced the old manual operation. Why? Because the old manual operation is not safe and slow, it may occur accident danger, damage workpiece and even endangering the operators’ safety. Outstanding of our spool tilter is that the structure is strong and stable, technology is mature, and it will not occur maintenance accidence.

Spool tilter is composed of chain foundation and turnover platform, the chain connecting the spool tilter and foundation. There are four metal rollers under the tilter, which is to tilt goods at any angle flexible. The spool tilter also can be match with conveyors, so as to convey the goods to next working process automatically. It is stereoscopic conveying flow process, which doesn’t need man power or crane to convey. What’s more, the spool tilter’s structure is simple, cheap cost, high working efficiency, safe and stable.

The Tilter can be placed underground (as customers’ requirement) or just placed on the floor. To be placed underground, so that the loading plan of the spool holder cradle can be fixed at the ground level. The spool rotation 90° takes place by means of a gear box. Mechanical or hydraulic cylinder activated tilting mechanism are available, it built to suit different spool size and weight requirements, tilting of spool from horizontal to vertical axis safely.

Reel diameter: from 600mm up to 1500mm
Reel width: from 300mm up to 1500mm
Reel weight: 1,000—40,000 kgs
Reels rotation: by 90 °
Tilting (rotating) time: 45-90 secs

automatic reel tilters
automatic reel tilters