September 24, 2023
How you doing?
According production schedule, the wire coiling and wrapping machine ready for testing is 6th july.
All parts production is ready but waiting for the structure painting only.
May be you have seen from news that Chinese Gov execute stringent policy in the environmental protection.
So we was forbade to painting by ourself. All painting must be done by professional painting company who got licence and environment friendly painting condition.
Therefore many company can not painting by himself, and lot of painting company without licence. The remaining company is too busy to delivery on time.
I think we can have all painting part of the wire coiling and wrapping machine this week and finish the installation at 12 or 13th.
By the way, please provide the sample for testing, we need two big spring, two small spring.
Please don’t us DHL they do very poor service in China and they have no good relationship with Custom.