September 24, 2023

Coil tilter + Coil wrapping machine

Dear Yoki,

Sorry for the late reply.I have highlighted your reply in Blue. I will reply to you in RED for the slitting steel coil packing line
1) For the laser beam that you mentioned to me during our Zoom meeting, (Brand SICK and China brand), please advise the price below is only 1set (which is put at outfeed only?) or actually this price is for both infeed & outfeed?SICK- USD ### + USD ### (frame)—–Yes
CHina-USD ####/set (Include frame)—-YesI need to know, this 1set is meaning both infeed & Outfeed?-—–It is one set which includes one sender one reception  

**FYI, my customer wants the laser beam to be installed at the infeed & outfeed area, to ensure highest safety if possible. When the product releases from the centre to the outfeed conveyor, then only will have another product to release from the infeed conveyor.  (please refer to below photo for better understanding)——Ok, it is not problem. Actually, the normal sensor meet this operation goal, not need laser beam.  Laser beam is for man operating safety.Yes, my customer main objective is to add the laser beam for man operating safety. Can you advise whether the laser beam can add as per below photo?-—-For the layout as following i’d think the laser beam required.  The fence with interlock is able meeting the goal.

laser beam(05-05-10-26-49).jpg

My customer has the experience, when the interlocking is triggered, then the machine stops, and they need to reset the machine again, this is very time consuming.—–In our program, the machine is able to continue the packing process from the start point, not need reset.Ok, noted.
3) If there is any incident triggered by  the laser beam, is the machine able to immediately stop moving? or it will take a few seconds to slow down & stop? Crush & brake.—–Yes, all stop, just like the emergency stop.So, it will immediately stop?
4) Request add on the  Light Tower with below features
Red- Error/ Attention
Yellow- While waiting the product loading or the packing material need to change to a new roll, etc..
Green- Wrapping in process. ——Yes
So, can you add it in the quotation offer? Will the setting be followed as above request?

5) What is the width of the conveyor? What is the spec of this conveyor? Is this motorised?——1000mmOk, noted.
6) If the PLC Software collapses, can we directly install from the PC to recover the software?—–It need the software to connect the PC with PLC for installing the program.It is better add another remote control module in the PLC, for the problem our engineer is able troubleshooting and assistant directly through internet.
It costs $### only.
So this cost $### only 1 time charge? Is there any upgrade needed for this module?If the PLC software collapses, is your engineer able to re-install the software thru the internet?Does this remote control module need to have wifi connection at all times?

The coil upender service for the coil packing system just here.