June 10, 2023
steel wire upender


In the manufacturing industry, the handling of heavy coils and rolls of steel wire can be quite difficult. These coils and rolls are usually large and heavy, which makes it a challenge to turn them over or move them around. That’s where a steel wire upender comes in. A steel wire upender is a piece of equipment used to flip or turn over heavy coils of steel wire so that they can be transported and processed easily. In this article, we will discuss what a steel wire upender is, how it works, its benefits, and the different types of upenders available in the market.

What is a steel wire upender?

A steel wire upender is a piece of machinery that is designed to flip or turn over steel wire coils in a controlled manner. This equipment is typically used in industries that work with large coils of steel wire, such as the wire and cable industry, and the steel wire rope industry. The upender has two platforms, one of which is positioned above the other. The steel wire coil is placed on the lower platform, and then the upper platform rotates over 180 degrees, flipping the coil onto its opposite side.

How does a steel wire upender work?

The steel wire upender functions by utilizing hydraulic, mechanical, or pneumatic power. When the steel wire coil is placed on the lower platform, the upender utilizes its power source to lift the upper platform and flip the coil over a full 180-degree rotation. Once the flip is complete, the steel wire coil is now resting on its opposite side, ready for further processing.

Benefits of a steel wire upender:

Using a steel wire upender offers numerous benefits for manufacturers who work with heavy steel wire coils. Some of the primary benefits include:

1. Increased Efficiency: The flipping of the steel wire coils is done continuously without interrupting the production process, increasing the productivity and efficiency of the manufacturing facility.

2. Improved Safety: By using a steel wire upender, workers are not required to lift and flip heavy coils manually, reducing the risk of injury or accidents.

3. Easy maneuverability: Upenders have wheels, which makes moving the equipment to different areas of the facility easier.

4. Cost-effective: Since upenders significantly reduce the need for manual labor, manufacturers save money on employee salaries.

Types of Steel Wire Upenders:

1. Hydraulic upenders: These upenders use hydraulic power to perform the rotation of the steel wire coils. Hydraulic upenders are typically used when working with heavier loads due to the increased torque that the hydraulic power provides.

2. Pneumatic upenders: Pneumatic upenders use compressed air to perform the rotation of the steel wire coils. This type of upender is cost-effective and widely used.

3. Mechanical upenders: These upenders use mechanical power to move and flip the steel wire coil. They are typically less expensive than the hydraulic and pneumatic options.


A steel wire upender is a crucial piece of machinery in the manufacturing industry. By using a steel wire upender, workers can improve their safety while increasing their productivity. The flipping of steel wire coils is easily done with hydraulic, mechanical, or pneumatic power, providing a cost-effective and efficient way to transport and process heavy steel wire coils. With the different options available in the market, manufacturers can find the right upender that suits their needs. Overall, the steel wire upender makes the handling of large steel coils safer and easier, helping to improve the manufacturing process and overall product quality.