June 8, 2023
steel wire upender


Steel wire is a crucial material in construction and manufacturing industries. It is commonly used to reinforce concrete structures, as well as in metal fabrication. However, handling steel wire can be challenging because of its weight and length. One of the essential tools in handling steel wire is the wire upender. It is a device that is designed to help rotate and reposition steel coils, making it convenient and safe to handle. In this article, we will discuss what a steel wire upender is, its benefits, and how it works.

What Is a Steel Wire Upender?

A steel wire upender is a device that is commonly used in steel industries to handle large steel coils. It is also known as a coil upender or coil tilter. This device is designed to rotate steel coils from a horizontal position to a vertical position and vice versa. It comes in different configurations, including manual or automatic models, which operate hydraulically or mechanically.

Benefits of a Steel Wire Upender

1) Increases efficiency – A steel wire upender enables workers to handle steel wire coils with ease, thus increasing productivity and efficiency.

2) Improved safety – Handling large steel coils manually can be dangerous. A wire upender ensures that the coils are rotated and repositioned safely, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries.

3) Saves time – A steel wire upender can perform the job in a matter of minutes, which would take hours to accomplish manually.

4) Increases product quality – A wire upender helps to maintain the quality of steel wire coils by preventing distortion during handling.

How Does a Steel Wire Upender Work?

A steel wire upender works on a simple principle of gravity and leverage. The device consists of a base, a rotating arm, and controls. The rotating arm is attached to a vertical pivot point on the base, allowing it to rotate horizontally. The steel wire coil is placed on a platform, which is then pushed towards the rotating arm till it locks into place. The tilt angle of the upender can be adjusted depending on the required angle.

The controls of the upender consist of push buttons or a remote control unit. These controls activate a hydraulic or motorized system that tilts the rotating arm allowing the steel coil to change position.

Manual steel wire upenders require an operator to use a hand crank or lever to adjust the tilt angle, while automatic ones are operated by button or remote control.


In conclusion, a steel wire upender is a crucial tool that enhances efficiency, safety, and quality when handling steel wire coils. The device reduces the time required to rotate and reposition coils while ensuring that they are handled safely. There are different types of upenders, including manual and automatic models, that can operate hydraulically or mechanically.

If you’re in the manufacturing or construction industry, investing in a steel wire upender is a smart decision that can significantly improve your work efficiency and quality.