June 4, 2023
steel wire upender

Steel wire upenders or wire coil upenders are machines that are designed to turn the reels or coils of wires in the manufacturing process to enable the wire to be unwound in the correct direction. These machines come in different shapes and sizes to suit the varied requirements of industries that utilise steel wire. In this article, we will explore the effective use of steel wire upenders to optimise the manufacturing processes.

Why use Steel Wire Upenders?

The process of wire manufacturing largely depends on the efficient transfer of coiled wire from one station to another. Wire reels are often heavy and awkward to manoeuvre, which makes the process difficult for workers to handle causing potential productivity loss and increase health and safety hazard.

This is where the steel wire upenders come in. They allow operators to quickly and easily flip the wire reels on their axis so they can be transported, stored, and unwound in the correct orientation. The use of steel wire upenders not only increases the efficiency of the entire manufacturing process, but it also saves time and reduces manual labour. Furthermore, it reduces operator fatigue and potential workplace injuries.

Types of Steel Wire Upenders:

There are two main types of steel wire upenders – manual and automatic. The manual upenders require an operator to use a chain hoist or a motor-powered gearbox to unload the wire coils and flip them on the axis. These machines are ideal for smaller loads and offer portability advantages.

In contrast, automatic steel wire upenders are driven by hydraulic or electric motors and can handle heavier loads. These machines are specifically designed to flip steel coils weighing up to several tons and are mostly found in heavy industries like construction and mining. The automatic upenders are typically more expensive but come with a plethora of benefits such as high efficiency, less downtime, and a higher ROI in the long run.

What to Consider When Choosing a Steel Wire Upender?

When deciding on a steel wire upender that is suitable for your wire manufacturing operation, there are several aspects to consider. Firstly, the size and weight of your wire coils. You need to ensure that the upender can handle the specific weight of the coils you are manufacturing. It is also important to ascertain the dimensions of the upender with regards to the available space on the factory floor.

A key aspect to consider is the material of the wire. Upenders often come with different grippers depending on the material of the coil. For example, if the coil is aluminium, the gripper design is different compared to that for a steel wire coil. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the gripper is perfectly matched to the wire’s material to avoid it slipping or being damaged.

Another crucial aspect to consider is the production rate of the machine. This ultimately determines the time-efficient movement of the coils. The speed of up and down movement of the machine means a faster and repetitive process in transferring and unwinding of the wire. This information can be acquired by looking at the machine’s speed rating.

Benefits of Steel Wire Upenders:

The advantages of investing in an appropriate steel wire upender are plenty. A well-designed upender that matches the specific requirements of your manufacturing process can:

1. Enhance production efficiency and save time;
2. Reduce operator fatigue and minimize workplace injuries;
3. Improve the overall quality of the products and minimize defects;
4. Increase flexibility, allowing for quicker changeovers in production lines;
5. Save valuable floor space by using upender designs that utilise vertical positioning;
6. Last longer due to their robust design and high-quality material.


Steel wire upenders are essential machines in a modern-day manufacturing plant that deals with heavy wire coils. With the correct machine selection and implementation, wire upenders can maximise the potential of manufacturing processes. It enables safer handling, increases efficiency and speeds production, reducing downtime, operator fatigue and potential health risks. They come in automated and manual options providing a solution for different sizes of wire and the environment they are placed. Whatever the application, it is advisable to rely on reliable machine manufacturers that can help you strengthen your wire upender portfolio and maximise production efficacy.