June 9, 2023
steel wire upender


A steel wire upender is a specialized machine used in the manufacturing sector to turn or twist coils of wire. This equipment can also be known as a wire coiling machine, wire turning machine, or wire rolling machine. Wire upenders come in many different shapes and sizes, and they are often designed with unique features to meet the demands of specific industrial applications.

The use of a steel wire upender has significantly improved the efficiency of the manufacturing process, and this equipment has found widespread application across a variety of industries. In this article, we will explore the features of a steel wire upender and discuss its importance in the industrial sector.

What is a steel wire upender?

A steel wire upender is a machine designed to turn coils of wire, typically ranging from 1 ton to 50 tons in weight. The upender is primarily used to flip coils of wire onto their side, allowing for better access to the end of the coil where the wire begins and ends. This is beneficial when loading or unloading coils from the machine, as well as when the wire needs to be cut to a specific length.


A steel wire upender is a robustly built machine that is constructed from high-quality steel parts. Its main components include a base, a rotating platform, a hydraulic system, and a control panel. The base of the machine is typically made of sturdy steel plate, which provides the foundation for the rest of the components to be securely attached to.

The rotating platform is the central element of the upender. It is designed to rotate around its vertical axis and can be powered either by a hydraulic system or a motor. The hydraulic system is the most common power source, as it provides more precise control over the speed and direction of the platform.

The hydraulic system of the upender is responsible for powering the vertical movement of the platform. It typically includes a hydraulic pump, valves, and hoses, and is controlled by a series of buttons on the control panel. The hydraulic system is designed to provide precise control over the lifting and lowering of the platform, as well as the speed and direction of rotation.

The control panel of the upender is typically located near the base of the machine and is used to monitor and control the functions of the hydraulic system. It includes an operator display panel, control switches, and safety features such as emergency stop buttons.

Working principle

The working principle of a steel wire upender is relatively simple. To flip the coil of wire onto its side, the machine operator first places the coil onto the rotating platform. They then activate the hydraulic system, which powers the vertical lift of the platform and flips the coil onto its side. Once the coil is in the desired position, the operator can access the end of the wire more easily to cut it to the required length or load it onto a separate machine for further processing.


Steel wire upenders have a wide range of applications in the manufacturing sector. They are commonly used in wire processing facilities where coils of wire need to be turned or twisted into a specific position. Wire upenders are often used in the production of wire mesh, fence wire, barbed wire, and other wire-based products.

Another significant application of a steel wire upender is in the steel and metal fabrication industry. Here, steel wire upenders are used to turn steel coils onto their side to allow for better access to the end of the coil, where the steel begins and ends. This upender is especially useful when fabricating beams, pipes, and other complex metal structures.

Safety features

To ensure safe operation, steel wire upenders are fitted with a range of safety features. These safety features include emergency stop buttons, safety barriers, and warning signals, which help to prevent accidents that may occur during operation. In addition, it is recommended that operators receive specialized training on the operation of the machine to prevent accidents caused by incorrect handling or maintenance.


Steel wire upenders are essential machines for many industrial operations. They are designed to make the task of turning coils of wire easier and more efficient, reducing the time and effort required for wire processing. These machines are essential components of the manufacturing industry and have found application in a variety of settings, from the steel fabrication market to the wire mesh industry. With proper maintenance and appropriate operator training, the steel wire upender is a reliable and cost-effective solution for wire processing needs.