June 9, 2023
steel wire upender

Steel wire upenders are an essential tool in the steel industry, serving as a critical solution for handling heavy-duty wire coils. With the invention of steel upenders, handling massive steel coils has become much easier and safer than before. In this article, we will explore what steel wire upenders are, their different types, and their advantages.

What are Steel Wire Upenders?

Steel wire upenders are material handling machines used for lifting, rotating and upending steel coils. They comprise a base, a hydraulic system, and a flipping arm that rotates the coil. The machine’s hydraulic system provides the necessary power to lift and rotate the steel coil, making it ideal for heavy-duty industrial applications.

Steel upenders are designed to fit different types of steel coils, whether they are horizontal or vertical. They come in different sizes, ranging from small portable machines to larger ones. The steel wire upender is portable, which means you can move it from one location to another.

Different Types of Steel Wire Upenders

Steel wire upenders come in different types, each with a unique design that caters to various material handling needs. They include:

Mechanical Steel Wire Upender

Mechanical steel wire upenders use gears and wheel assemblies to lift and rotate steel coils. These upenders operate manually and are slower but a lot cheaper than hydraulic upenders. They are best suited for lighter and smaller coils.

Hydraulic Steel Wire Upender

A hydraulic steel wire upender is the most common type. This upender uses a hydraulic system to rotate the steel coils, and it’s faster and more powerful than the mechanical upender. They are ideal for heavier and larger steel coils, requiring quick and easy upending.

Self-Adjusting Steel Wire Upender

Self-adjusting upenders have automatic adjustments that allow them to fit different-sized coils. They adjust according to the size and orientation of the steel wire coils. This type is popular in facilities where different sizes of steel coils need handling.

Manual Steel Wire Upender

Manual steel wire upenders operate like mechanical steel upenders, using gears and wheel assemblies for lifting and rotating. They are ideal for smaller and lighter coils and are less expensive than hydraulic upenders. However, these upenders require more manpower to operate.

Advantages of Steel Wire Upenders

1. Increased Safety

The most significant advantage of steel wire upenders is that they improve workplace safety. Steel coils are incredibly heavy and cumbersome, and moving them using manual labor can put workers’ health and safety at risk. Using a steel wire upender eliminates the need for workers to lift and rotate steel coils manually, which significantly reduces the risk of injury.

2. Increases Efficiency

Steel upenders improve the workflow and productivity of your facility, significantly reducing the time it takes to upend steel coils. An automated system allows the task to be completed quicker, with less manual labor required. This increased efficiency results in a faster turnaround time and an increase in productivity.

3. Reduces Damage to Steel Coils

One of the biggest challenges with moving steel coils is that they are susceptible to damage. When handled manually, steel coils are prone to scratches and dents that can affect their quality. Steel wire upenders ensure that steel coils are handled with care and in a controlled manner, minimizing damage and ensuring the coils are not compromised.

4. Versatility

Steel wire upenders are versatile in the type and size of coils they can handle. Whether it is a horizontal or vertical coil, small or large, there is an upender capable of handling it. The ability to handle different coil sizes and orientations makes steel wire upenders an invaluable asset in the steel industry.


Steel wire upenders are efficient, safe and versatile tools for handling heavy steel coils. They come in different types, each catering to different material handling needs. In summary, the advantages of using a steel wire upender cannot be overstated. They improve workplace safety, increase efficiency, reduce damage to steel coils and are versatile, making them an essential tool in the steel industry. Investing in a steel upender is an investment in the overall safety, productivity, and profitability of your facility.