June 9, 2023

Shanghai Qipang Industry Co., LTD is a leading manufacturer, producing and selling top-quality rolling ring drives, linear drives, linear drive nuts and wire. Our products are designed with high precision and quality to cater to the unique needs of different industries.

In this video, we showcase our cable packing and coiling machine and Automatic packing machine. We provide detailed information about the machines’ features, specifications, and application to help viewers make informed decisions.

Our Cable Packing and Coiling Machine are designed to handle cables of various diameters and lengths. It ensures perfect coil formation without any tangling or twisting, making it ideal for the telecommunications, electrical, and other industries.

Our Automatic Packing Machine is a highly efficient solution for quick and precise packaging of various products. It facilitates high-speed, safe and secure packaging with minimal operation and maintenance requirements.

At Shanghai Qipang Industry Co., LTD, we are committed to delivering excellent results and top-notch solutions to our customers. Our products meet the highest quality standards and are designed to deliver reliable performance, making them the perfect fit for any production line.

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