June 4, 2023

Title: Dallan D4K Automated System – High-Quality Stud and Track Production


Get ready to witness the revolutionary Dallan D4K automated system, designed to enhance the productivity of stud, track, and drywall manufacturing industries. In this video, Andrea Dallan will take you through the layout and operation of the Dallan D4K automated system that boasts a remarkable production speed of up to 120m/min.

Our Dallan Coil to Pack system for drywall is the ultimate solution to maximize efficiency and achieve high-quality production, boasting the latest technology and state-of-the-art machinery. We will explore every feature of this automated system to give you a complete understanding of its capabilities.

Key Highlights of the Video:

– An introduction to the Dallan D4K automated system and its layout
– In-depth guidance on the operation of the machinery
– Information on the astonishing 120 meters per minute production speed
– The incredible efficiency of the Dallan Coil to Pack system for drywall
– The advanced technology embedded in the automated system
– A comprehensive overview of the automated system features and their benefits

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