June 9, 2023

Forklift attachments are essential tools in various industries, including warehousing, logistics, and agriculture. These attachments can increase the versatility, efficiency, and safety of forklifts, enhancing productivity and reducing the risk of accidents. LH is a reputable manufacturer of forklift attachments, with a wide range of products in the market. In this article, we will explore LH’s pallet transfer system and agriculture attachments, highlighting their features, benefits, and applications.

Pallet Transfer System

The pallet transfer system is a critical component in material handling and logistics operations, allowing for the efficient movement of goods and materials between different pallets or containers. LH offers a range of pallet transfer systems, including pallet inverters, pallet dispensers, and pallet changers, which can be customized to suit various applications.

Pallet Inverter

The pallet inverter is one of LH’s flagship products, designed to facilitate the transfer of goods from one pallet to another without manual intervention. The pallet inverter uses a rotating mechanism to turn the load upside down, allowing the original pallet to be removed and a new pallet to be inserted. The pallet inverter is an ideal solution for industries that require frequent pallet changes, such as food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and automotive.

20D Series Pallet Inverter

The 20D Series pallet inverter is an upgrade to LH’s popular D Series, providing enhanced features and performance. The 20D Series pallet inverter can handle loads up to 2,000 kilograms and is compatible with a wide range of pallet sizes. The 20D Series pallet inverter uses a hydraulic power pack to turn the load, ensuring smooth and efficient operation. Moreover, the 20D Series pallet inverter features a user-friendly control panel, allowing for easy operation and customization.

Pallet Dispenser

The pallet dispenser is another innovative product from LH, designed to automate the pallet dispensing process. The pallet dispenser can store and dispense pallets automatically, reducing the need for manual handling and increasing safety and efficiency. The pallet dispenser is ideal for industries that require a continuous supply of pallets, such as manufacturing, retail, and distribution.

Pallet Changer

The pallet changer is a versatile attachment that can transfer loads from one pallet to another while keeping the load in a horizontal position. The pallet changer is suitable for fragile or unstable loads that cannot be turned upside down, such as glass, ceramics, and electronics. The pallet changer is an ideal solution for industries that require both precision and efficiency, such as aerospace, medical, and electronics.

Agriculture Attachments

In addition to pallet transfer systems, LH also offers a range of agriculture attachments designed to enhance the capability and efficiency of forklifts used in farming and forestry operations. These attachments are built to withstand the rigorous demands of harsh environments and heavy-duty applications.

Bale Clamps

The bale clamp is a robust attachment that can handle round or square bales of hay, straw, or other agricultural products. The bale clamp uses two arms to grip the bale firmly and lift it using a forklift. The bale clamp is an ideal tool for agricultural operations that require frequent handling of bales, such as livestock farming and equestrian.

Pallet Forks

The pallet forks are a versatile tool that can handle various loads, including pallets, boxes, and containers. The pallet forks are a standard attachment for most forklifts, allowing for quick and efficient handling of goods. LH offers a range of pallet forks, including adjustable forks, dual forks, and long forks, allowing for customization to suit different applications.


The rotator is an attachment that can rotate loads up to 360 degrees, allowing for easy positioning and dumping of materials. The rotator is ideal for forestry operations that require the handling of logs, lumber, and other bulky materials. The rotator can also be used in agricultural operations, such as handling manure, compost, and other organic matter.


In conclusion, LH is a reputable manufacturer of forklift attachments, offering a wide range of products tailored to different industries and applications. The pallet transfer system and agriculture attachments are some of LH’s most popular products, providing enhanced efficiency, safety, and versatility to forklift operations. Whether you are in food and beverage, logistics, agriculture, or any other industry that requires material handling, LH has the right attachment for you.