June 9, 2023

Portable Pallet Inverter: A Solution for Tilt and Rotate Loads

The logistics industry has been thriving to find the best solutions to move and handle goods as efficiently as possible. When it comes to pallets, the need for effective handling has been increasing with each passing day. To ease the operations, Vestil Manufacturing has introduced its Portable Pallet Inverter (PPI), which enables the user to tilt and rotate loads.

One of the significant features of the PPI is its low profile design, which makes it easier for the operator to stand on the floor while loading and unloading pallets. Let’s dive deeper to understand the features and benefits of this equipment.

Design and Functionality

The PPI is designed to handle standard pallet loads of up to 4000 pounds, and with the optional side-shift, it can handle odd-sized pallets and loads. The PPI can tilt loads to 180 degrees and rotate them to 360 degrees. The equipment’s hydraulic movement and mechanical rotation run on a 12-volt DC battery that can be charged using an onboard charger or via an external charger.

The PPI comes as a complete package, which includes the main body, a fork extension that can be used to handle half pallets, and an optional side-shift that allows handling of loads that are not on standard pallets. The user can attach the extension and side-shift with a simple locking pin attachment.

Benefits of Using PPI

The PPI offers several benefits to the operator. First, the low profile design eliminates the need for using a pit or a ramp for loading and unloading of pallets, which saves up on extra labor and space. The user can also position the PPI alongside the wall, thus offering better space utilization.

Second, the PPI’s ability to tilt and rotate loads enables the user to transfer loads from damaged or unstable pallets onto new pallets without the need to manually handle the goods. This feature reduces the risk of workplace injuries, frees up labor, and reduces downtime.

Third, the PPI reduces the packaging cost by enabling the user to empty the entire contents of a pallet onto the floor so that the pallet can be reused. This feature helps the user eliminate the need for multiple pallets per load, and reduce the cost of sourcing new pallets.

Lastly, the PPI is a cost-effective solution for businesses that do not have enough space or budget for a fixed pallet inverter. The PPI can be moved around the warehouse floor with the help of a forklift, and can be stored away in a corner when not in use.

Applications of PPI

The PPI is ideal for industries that handle goods in bulk quantities, such as food and beverage, automotive, pharmaceutical, and manufacturing. The PPI is suitable for:

– Transferring loads from damaged or unstable pallets onto new pallets
– Emptying pallets for reuse
– Mixing products or ingredients from various pallets onto a single pallet for efficient transportation
– Loading and unloading of goods from containers, trailers, and railcars.


The Portable Pallet Inverter from Vestil Manufacturing is a cost-effective solution for handling pallets, with the added advantage of low profile design, tilt and rotate functionality, and versatility. The PPI can be used in various industries and applications, making it an essential piece of equipment for businesses looking to streamline their operations and protect their employees from the risk of workplace injuries.