June 4, 2023

A pallet inverter is a machinery that is utilized in various industrial applications for flipping over pallets. One of the specific uses of a pallet inverter is for tipping signature logs that are used in printing applications. Whether you need a 90° or 180° inversion, there is an excellent alternative solution called Pallet Inverter – Signature Logs.

Importance of Using Pallet Inverter for Tipping Signature Logs

In the printing industry, signature logs are widely used as a foundation for producing various printed materials such as books, magazines, catalogs, and brochures. Since these signature logs are bulky and often weigh several hundred pounds, they need to be secured on pallets for easy transport and handling.

However, the process of printing requires flipping the signature logs upside down, so each page gets printed correctly. This is where a pallet inverter comes into the picture. It helps to tip the signature logs accurately, reducing the risk of damage.

The Benefits of Using Pallet Inverter – Signature Logs

Cherry’s Pallet Inverter – Signature Logs has been designed to provide a safe and efficient method for tipping signature logs. Some of the benefits of using this equipment include:

1. Consistent and Accurate Tipping

Cherry’s Pallet Inverter – Signature Logs provides precise and repeatable tipping, ensuring that the signature logs are accurately flipped over. This eliminates the need for manual handling, which can often result in damage to the logs or injury to workers.

2. Increased Productivity

With faster and more efficient tipping, Cherry’s Pallet Inverter – Signature Logs helps to increase productivity. This equipment can handle various sizes of signature logs, making it versatile and adaptable to different printing applications.

3. Reduced Maintenance Costs

Cherry’s Pallet Inverter – Signature Logs is durable and built for long-term usage. It requires minimal maintenance and does not involve any complex parts, thereby reducing the overall maintenance costs.

4. Improved Occupational Health and Safety

Using a pallet inverter can significantly reduce the risk of injury to workers. By automating the flipping process, workers are not required to manually handle heavy signature logs, which can be hazardous to their health and safety.


Pallet inverter – Signature Logs is a reliable and safe solution for flipping signature logs used in printing applications. It offers an efficient and consistent method of tipping, which helps to increase productivity and reduce costs. By using this equipment, you can be assured that your signature logs are handled in a safe and effective manner.