June 10, 2023

# **The Economics of Using Mold Upenders in Your Manufacturing Process**

Manufacturing industries face particular challenges in ensuring an efficient and cost-effective production process. Every aspect of the process, from design to final assembly, needs to be scrutinized, and sophisticated techniques employed to ensure that products are produced to the required standards at the lowest possible cost. One of the production processes that have received significant attention in recent times is mold upending. In this article, we explore the economics of using mold upenders in your manufacturing process and investigate how it can improve both your production efficiency and your bottom line.

## **Introduction**

In manufacturing industries, injection molding is one of the most widely used production methods. It involves making products in bulk by pouring liquid material (commonly referred to as resin) into a mold, which then hardens to form the desired shape. Once the resin has hardened, the mold is opened, and the finished part is ejected.

Mold upenders are the machines that help in reducing the time, effort, and cost involved in the job of unloading an injection molding machine. Mold upenders increase the productivity of the production line by automating the process of getting the molds out of the machine, making the process fast, safe, and efficient. Using upenders is the most cost-effective solution for increasing overall production efficiency and maintaining product quality.

## **Reduced Manual Labor Costs and Increased Efficiency**

When injection molding is carried out regularly, mold changeover becomes one of the most challenging tasks, and it requires significant effort and time. Manually unloading molds from the injection molding machine is a time-consuming process and requires a manual workforce, which can increase labor costs over time. The use of mold upenders automates the process, reducing manual labor costs and increasing efficiency.

Mold upenders are designed to lift and rotate molds safely, making it a time and cost-effective solution. Additionally, mold upenders can be customized to work with different machine formats or injection molding machines. With the installation of mold upenders, the manufacturers can automate this process, enabling the operators to focus on production tasks that require more expertise.

## **Reduced Downtime in Production**

Time is a valuable commodity in the manufacturing industry, and downtime in production can be costly. Effective use of mold upenders can drastically reduce the downtime in production. Upenders help operators get the molds out of the injection molding machine quickly and safely, increasing the speed of the production line and minimizing downtime while changing molds. The installation of mold upenders can help manufacturers save time, increase production volumes and ultimately increase revenue streams.

## **Improved Safety Standards and Reduced Injury Risk**

Manual mold changeover is not only time-consuming, but it can also be incredibly dangerous, causing injuries to workers. Mold upenders provide a safer working environment for employees. They not only make the mold changeover much safer but also protect workers by reducing the risk of injuries.

## **Reduced Maintenance Costs**

Keeping machines in good condition is vital to ensuring that they operate at optimal levels. Most manual molding changeover methods require heavy and expensive lifting equipment that may also need regular maintenance. By investing in mold upenders, companies can reduce the maintenance costs incurred from manual mold changeover methods and prolong the lifespan of heavy machinery.

## **Improved Production Quality and Assurance**

Injection molding production processes are highly reliant on mold consistency. The quality of the mold is critical to ensuring that each part meets the required standards. Mold upenders eliminate any possibility of damage or distortion to the mold caused by unnecessary handling, improving production quality and ensuring consistent output.

## **Conclusion**

Mold upenders are the most efficient and cost-effective solution to mold changeover in the manufacturing process. With the installation of mold upenders, manufacturers can reduce manual labor costs, increase efficiency, improve safety standards, reduce downtime, and improve production quality. Investing in mold upenders can go a long way in ensuring that your manufacturing processes meet the required production standards and maximizing your bottom line.

## **FAQs**

1. What is automatic mold changeover?
A. Automatic mold changeover involves the use of mold upenders that automatically lift and rotate molds safely, making the process of getting the molds out of the machine fast, safe, and efficient.

2. What is an Injection Molding Machine?
A. An injection molding machine is a manufacturing tool used to produce plastic products by injecting resin or plastic material into a mold.

3. How do mold upenders help reduce injuries to workers?
A. Mold upenders reduce injury risk by providing a safer working environment for employees during the mold changeover process.

4. Why is consistent mold quality important in the manufacturing process?
A. Consistent mold quality is important to ensure that each part meets the required production standards and maintain product quality.

5. What are some of the benefits of mold upenders in the manufacturing process?
A. Reduced manual labor costs, increased efficiency, reduced downtime, improved safety standards, and improved production quality are some of the benefits of mold upenders in the manufacturing process.