June 9, 2023

Aluminum Packing Machine – A Solution for Effective Packing of Aluminum Coils

Aluminum coils are widely used in various industries, including construction, aerospace, and automotive industries. These coils need to be packed effectively to protect them from dust, moisture, and damage during transportation and storage. To address this requirement, the aluminum packing machine has been developed to offer efficient and reliable packing solutions for aluminum coils.

The aluminum packing machine is a PLC operated machine that offers automatic operation for packing aluminum coils. The machine has a user-friendly HMI interface that allows the operator to input the details of the coil such as OD, ID, width, and corrected parameter on the screen, and the machine automatically sets other packing parameters. The machine can be operated in both manual and automatic modes, making it versatile and flexible.

The aluminum packing machine features a trolley for convenient loading and unloading of the coils, ensuring safe and reliable operation. The ring and roller speed can be adjusted by converters, and the overlap range of the packing tape can also be varied as required. The turning ring height can be adjusted to suit different coil OD, and the packaging tension can be set as required. The machine also features protective rollers wrapped with polyurethane to prevent the coils from shaking or collapsing during the packing process.

The aluminum packing machine can store packing material rolls of varying sizes and lengths. The packing tape’s length is calculated by the PLC and cut automatically according to the coil’s size, eliminating the need for manual intervention. The machine features an indicator that alarms automatically when a problem occurs, and the trouble can be displayed on the screen. The machine also has a special brake for the tape release device to prevent material folding.

In terms of technical parameters, the aluminum packing machine is designed to pack steel coils with an ID of 300-508mm, OD of 1000-1500mm, width of 10-300mm, and weight of 50-2000kg. The roller speed is about 2-4m/min, and the rotating speed is about 20-80r/min. The power output is about 3.0kw, and the power voltage is 380V/50Hz 3phase. The machine can use different packing materials such as HDPE, compound paper, woven tape, plastic tape, and stretch film.

The basic configuration of the aluminum packing machine includes PLC-SIEMENS, Converter-SIEMENS, Sensor-Autonics, Encoder-Omron, Pneumatic element-Airtac, Main motor-Yongkun/Donli, and Switch, button, Contactor-Schneider.

In conclusion, the aluminum packing machine is a reliable and efficient solution for packing aluminum coils. It offers a user-friendly interface, automatic operation, and various features that ensure effective packing of aluminum coils. The machine is designed to meet the requirements of various industries and provides a safe and reliable solution for packing aluminum coils.