June 4, 2023

Side opening type aluminum jumbo coil wrapping machines are the latest technological advancements in the field of packaging. These machines are designed to wrap aluminum jumbo coils with the utmost precision and efficiency. The machines are made up of various components such as blocker roller stations, guide rail, main stretch wrapper machine, trolley, hydraulic system, shuttle, packing material release storage station, U-type orbital, automatic mechanical hand, signal detection system, electric circuit system, electric cabinet, and so on.

The automatic identification, logistics transportation, core threading and winding, adding external corner guards, wrapping surrounding plates, loading wooden pallets, circumferential binding, weighing and labeling, end storage, etc. are all done in one automaton process. The aluminum jumbo coil stretch wrapper is an efficient and reliable system that can handle all types of aluminum jumbo coils.

The aluminum jumbo coil stretch wrapper is perfect for industrial purposes and can be used in many different industries such as food manufacturing, electronics manufacturing, and automotive manufacturing. The machine is mainly composed of the packing unit, roller stations, control cabinet, guardrails, and more.

The scope of application for the aluminum jumbo coil wrap is vast; the machine can handle coils with an outer diameter ranging from 800mm to 2100mm, inner diameter 405mm to 520mm, and width from 800mm to 2300mm. The maximum weight that the machine can handle is 12T. The machine comes with two to three packing station quantities, which can be easily adjusted according to individual requirements.

The wrapping material used by the machine includes LLDPE stretch film, compound paper, and the wrapping overlap can be adjusted from 30% to 80%. The wrapping material size is film roll width 150mm, roll OD 160mm, roll ID 76mm.

Overall, the Side Opening Type Aluminum Jumbo Coil Wrapping Machine is an efficient, lightweight, and cost-effective solution for packaging large and bulky products. It can improve your business operations and enhance the productivity of your facility. The machine requires minimal maintenance, and it is easy to operate. If you want to learn more about the aluminum jumbo coil stretch wrapper, please contact your nearest supplier or visit the manufacturer’s website.