June 9, 2023

The automatic wire wrapping machine made by Shanghai Jinglin is a revolutionary piece of machinery that is designed mainly for coiled objects like steel coils, wire coils, copper coils, pipe coils, etc. This machine is highly efficient and can effectively protect your products from water, dust, rust, damage, and aging, while also saving your labor force, warehouse space, and improving your working efficiency.

One of the primary benefits of this machine is its ability to decorate your package objects. With its scientific design, high packing efficiency, and less energy and material consumption, the automatic wire wrapping machine can wrap wire coils of various types and sizes seamlessly. The machine is equipped with a moving trolley for safe handling and loading of the wire coils. The PLC adopted for automatic program control and HMI for simple operation makes it very user-friendly.

The overlapping degree and tension of the wrapping material can be easily adjusted, and the ring and roller speed can be adjusted through the converters. The ring height of the wrapper can also be adjusted for different wire ID&OD. Polyurethane is widely used in this machine as a friction wheel, carrier rollers, and protective rollers, making it a durable machine.

The automatic wire wrapping machine is also equipped with an automatic alarm system, which alarms automatically upon the occurrence of trouble. The soft start, soft stop, and precise reset of the ring make the entire process effortless. The main parameters of the machine range from Coil OD of ≤1500-1000mm-1900mm, Coil weight of ≤2000Kg -1000Kg-12000kg, and Ring speed of Appr. 20-90r/min-Appr. 20-60r/min.

Overall, the automatic wire wrapping machine is an excellent machinery that can make your work more efficient, save your labor force, save space in your warehouse, and improve your product’s appearance. It is important to note that this machine can be custom designed according to your specific object size. Get your automatic wire wrapping machine today and take your business to the next level.