June 10, 2023

The binding wire wrapping machine is a valuable addition to any wire manufacturing industry, designed to improve packing efficiency and reduce labor costs. This machine is widely used in various industries, including binding wires, steel wires, galvanized wires, stainless steel wires, copper wires, and more.

Installation of the machine is convenient, as it can be placed on flat hard ground or in a ground pit for easy operation. The machine has several basic features that make it efficient and easy to use. The top-opening structure of the machine allows for crane loading and offloading, while the PLC program enables automatic control.

Moreover, the binding wire wrapping machine has a modular and standardized design, making it easy to maintain and providing stable performance. The tension control system is steady, and the structure is humanized for safe and comfortable operation. Additional features include soft start, soft stop, and precise reset of the wrapping ring, adjustable wrapping ring height, and protected product rollers wrapped with PU.

The binding wire wrapping machine can use different packing material such as compound paper, knit tape, or stretch film. The machine’s simple design makes operation and maintenance convenient, and custom designs can be made for specific object sizes.

Jinglin, the manufacturer of this machine, has a corporate culture that values innovation, creation, skilled teams, and industry-leading and competitive products. The company’s goal is to establish a good reputation with customers and partners.

In conclusion, the binding wire wrapping machine is an ideal investment for wire manufacturers, as it can increase packing efficiency, reduce labor costs, and protect products effectively.