June 10, 2023

New Cable Coil Packing Machine for Efficient and Convenient Transport

Transporting cable coils can be a bit challenging, and that’s why the cable coil packing machine has been designed to offer a more efficient and convenient way of packaging cable coils. The machine is also suitable for packing pipe coils, steel coils, copper strips, aluminum strips, and other products.

The cable coil packing machine features a top-opening structure that makes it easy to load and unload using a crane. It also has a steady tension control system, soft start and stop, and precise reset of the ring. The friction wheels are made of high anti-friction PU, and the wrapping ring height is adjustable to fit cable coils of different ID and OD.

The packing tape’s overlapping rate and tension can be adjusted according to the user’s needs. Additionally, it has an integral casting structure of the turning ring, which ensures stable and smooth operation. The machine also has an independent control cabinet, guardrails, and covers to enhance the operator’s safety.

The cable coil packing machine’s rollers are wrapped with polyurethane, making them effective at protecting the product. The machine also offers the option of using HMI for automatic operation. The overlapping rate of the packing tape and tension can be adjusted to suit the needs of various objects.

The machine’s specifications include a Model of GD300-N, a Coil OD of 300mm-1000mm, a Coil ID of 200-600mm, a Coil width of 50-300mm, and a Coil weight of 10-100KG. The Ring speed is adjustable between 30r/min-80r/min, and the packing speed is 25-45s/pcs. Also, the machine can hold an overlap rate of between 10%-90%, and the packing material used is plastic woven tape/Stretch film. The material size can be adjusted to ID:76mm; OD:80-150mm;width:90mm, and the machine uses 380V, 50HZ of power voltage.

The cable coil packing machine comes with excellent sales services, including inquiry and consulting support, custom packing solutions, custom packing machine reference drawings, sample testing in factory, and technical discussion availability. The after-sales services offered include one year warranty, lifetime technical assistant and supports, overservices and installation & commissioning support, and maximum response within 24hours.

In conclusion, if you work with cable coils, steel coils, or any other related objects, acquiring the new cable coil packing machine will offer an efficient and convenient way to package your items for safe transportation.