June 9, 2023



This article focuses on an automatic plastic pipe packing line that is specifically designed to meet the high automation needs of modern plastic pipe manufacturers. The machinery involved in this line includes pipe counting and bundling system, pipe bundle stretch wrapping system, pipe bundle bagging system, and offloading into basket system. This article provides a comprehensive overview of the equipment, describing its technique process, and detailed description, including its controls, technical data, and applications.


This section highlights the technical aspects of the automatic pipe packing line. The pipes are dropped from the end of the extrusion machine to the pipe counting and bundling system one by one. The system counts, collects, and aligns the pipes. After counting, one or several pipes will go into the pipe bundling system, where they are aligned again, clamped closely and wrapped with stretch film. After strapping, pipe bundles are conveyed to the bagging system, where they are packed into plastic bags. The packed pipe bundle is then conveyed out and offloaded into the basket by the offloading system.


This section gives a detailed description of the automatic pipe packing line.

### 1. Counting and bundling system

This system is designed to store and count the pipes while also guiding their orderly dropping. It has the flexibility to work with different pipe diameters, consists of pipe ends aligning system, bundling former, and clamping system, and aligns pipe ends while clamping the pipe bundle closely. The contact material for pipes is flexible and effective in protecting the product surface.

### 2. Stretch wrapping and strapping system

This system consists of two sets of stretch wrapping machines that strap and fix the pipe bundle with LLDPE stretch film. The cast-solid aluminum ring ensures safe and stable running while the PU friction wheel is anti-wear and durable. Mechanical hand feeds, holds, and cut the film automatically.

### 3. Automatic bagging system

This system can put and seal the pipe bundle into a plastic bag and consists of an automatic bagging and sealing system. The operation of this system is simple, and bagging is fast and accurate.

### 4. Offloading into basket system

This system is the final processing equipment that can send the packed pipe bundle into the basket. The lifting system can lift up the packed pipe bundle for free falling at one side and has an offloading buffer system that can protect products effectively.

### 5. Control system

This system uses PLC programming and HMI (touch screen) control system. It has two working modes: Auto/manual, which is capable of inputting parameters by touch screen for different tube OD, length, ring speed, conveyor speed, etc. The control system is designed to generate automatic alarm signals when faults occur.


This section provides technical information on the automatic pipe packing line. The equipment is suitable for PVC/PE/PP/PPR pipes, with a pipe diameter range of Φ16mm-Φ110mm and a pipe bundle diameter of ≤180mm. The pipe bundle weight range is 10-50kg with a pipe length of 3/4 meters. The strapping material is stretch film, and the bagging material is plastic tape or compound knit tape, etc. The efficiency of the machine is approximately 5 packs per minute and requires an AC 380V50Hz, three-phase 5 wires power supply.


This machine is used to pack various plastic pipes. It has a wide range of applications in various industries such as construction and engineering, infrastructure projects, irrigation systems, and more. Its ability to count, collect, bundle, strap, bag, and offload pipe bundles in-line automatically makes this equipment stand out in the market.

## Conclusion:

The automatic pipe packing machine offers an innovative solution to meet the high automation needs of modern plastic pipe manufacturers. This article provides a comprehensive overview of the equipment, including its technique process, detailed description, control system, technical data, applications, and more. Its wide range of applications and high efficiency make it a must-have for plastic pipe manufacturers.