May 29, 2023


The automatic vertical coil packing line is a highly efficient and intelligent packing system designed to meet the needs of the modern metallurgy industry. It is applicable for different dimensions of steel strip coils, copper coils, aluminum coils, and more.

## Machine Application

The packing system is mainly composed of a turnstile, coil picking system, coil loading trolleys, coil wrapping machine, stacking & upending system, and more. It achieves functions including coil separation, packaging, stacking, upending, and more for coils with a width of 30mm~400mm or as customized. The PLC program with HMI operation makes this system highly intelligent.

## Work Process

1. The steel coils are stored on the turnstile.
2. The coil picking system picks the steel coils from the turnstile one by one and transfers to the packing trolley.
3. The packing trolley enters into the packing station for automatic packing.
4. The trolley transfers the packaged coil to the discharging station.
5. The discharging system stack the packaged coils and tilt for 90degree.

## Reference Parameters

– Object: Steel coils
– Width: 30-400mm
– OD: 600-1500mm
– ID: Φ508 mm
– Weight: ≤4000kg
– Wrapping material: compound paper/woven plastic tape/stretch film:
– W:90mm, OD:450mm, ID:55mm
– Ring speed: app.20-90r/min
– Overlapping rate: 20%~90%
– Power supply: AC/380V/50Hz

(Note: the machine can be custom designed according to specific object size.)

## Detailed Description

### I. Turnstile

1. The turnstile is in the front part, connected with the machinery.
2. Can rotate and positioning precisely.
3. Hollow structure in arm for coil tacking.
4. Cross structure.

### II. Coil Picking System

The coil picking system is directly connected with turnstile to reduce labor cost and save time. It’s used to separate and pick the coils from the turnstile one by one automatically.

### III. Packing Trolley

Two packing trolleys working alternatively for coil picking and feeding to the packing machine.

### IV. Automatic Wrapping Machine

The automatic wrapping machine packs the coil automatically by material of compound paper, plastic tape, stretch film, etc.

1. PLC and HMI for automatic control.
2. Overlap rate of wrapping tape could be adjusted.
3. Automatic positioning, automatic cutting.
4. Packing tape be feed and clamped by mechanical hand.
5. The surface of the carrier rollers are wrapped by polyurethane.

### V. Coil Discharging and Stacking System

1. The system is used to discharge and stack the packed coils.
2. Tilt the coils for 90 degree after stacking and convey to the storage station.
3. The wooden pallets are placed manually.

## Conclusion

The automatic vertical coil packing line is an advanced system that can greatly enhance the efficiency of the metallurgy industry. By providing detailed information about its various components and operation, this article provides an understanding of how the system works. It is a highly intelligent system that can be customized to fit the specific needs of different customers.

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