June 9, 2023

# DRIP PIPE WRAPPING MACHINE: Keeping Your Small Pipe Coils Safe and Tidy

If you have been searching for the perfect solution to protect your small or light pipe coils, look no further than the drip pipe wrapping machine. This machine is designed to pack different specifications of small or light pipe coils, making them well-protected, sealed, tidy, waterproof, dustproof, rustproof, anti-aging, and anti-damage. The packaging material that can be used with this machine includes stretch film, PE film, knit belt, or any other material. Let’s take a closer look at the features and parameters of this machine.

## Basic Features

### 1) Vertical or Horizontal Packing Type

This packing type can be chosen according to different needs.

### 2) Up-opening Structure

The up-opening structure is convenient for loading and offloading the coils.

### 3) Adjustable Overlap of Packing Material

The overlap of the packing material can be adjusted through an inverter.

### 4) Adjustable Packing Material Tension

The packing material tension can be adjusted to ensure proper packaging.

### 5) Press and Side Rollers

Press and side rollers are adopted to fix the coil position.

### 6) Supportive Rollers Covered by Polyurethane

The supportive rollers are covered by polyurethane, ensuring the coil’s position is maintained while preventing damage.

### 7) Soft Start and Soft Stop Functions

The soft start and soft stop functions ensure safe operation.

### 8) Packing Position Reset Function

The packing position reset function allows for a proper reset in case of any disruption.

### 9) Adjustable Ring and Roller Speed

Ring speed and roller speed are adjustable via inverter.

### 10) Adjustable Friction

The friction between the wheel and ring is adjustable for the best results.

### 11) PU Wheel

The machine uses high-quality polyurethane wheel for long life.

### 12) Packaging Time can be Set on the Control Panel

The packaging time can be set on the control panel for automatic stop.

## Main Parameters

The following table provides an overview of the main parameters of the drip pipe wrapping machine. These parameters are only for reference, as the machine can be custom designed according to specific object size.

| Model | GS300-N |
| Coil OD | 300mm-1000mm |
| Coil ID | 200-600mm |
| Coil width | 50-300mm |
| Coil weight | 10-100KG |
| Ring speed | 30r/min-80r/min, adjustable |
| Packing speed | 25-45s/pcs |
| Overlap rate | 10%-90% |
| Packing material | Stretch film |
| Material size | ID:76mm; OD:80-150mm;width:90mm |

## Product Images

![Product Image 1](https://www.shjlpacking.com/Content/upload/2018398768/201811091320347305589.jpg)

![Product Image 2](https://www.shjlpacking.com/Content/upload/2018398768/201811091320353105232.jpg)

![Product Image 3](https://www.shjlpacking.com/Content/upload/2018398768/201811091320378002691.jpg)

![Product Image 4](https://www.shjlpacking.com/Content/upload/2018398768/201811091320403272555.jpg)

![Product Image 5](https://www.shjlpacking.com/Content/upload/2018398768/201811091320427414885.jpg)

![Product Image 6](https://www.shjlpacking.com/Content/upload/2018398768/201811091320444284160.jpg)

![Product Image 7](https://www.shjlpacking.com/Content/upload/2018398768/201811091320465982092.jpg)

## Conclusion

Drip pipe wrapping machines are an excellent solution for those who are looking to protect their small or light pipe coils. The machine is designed to be easy to use, and it is equipped with a variety of features that make it a reliable choice for anyone who needs to pack these types of coils. With the ability to use different packaging materials, adjust the overlap of the packing material, and control the speed of the ring and roller, this machine is a versatile and adaptable choice for anyone who needs a reliable solution for packing coils.