June 9, 2023

# Pipe Coil Wrapping Machine: A Solution for Efficient Packaging

With the increasing need for efficient and effective packaging solutions for various industries, the pipe coil wrapping machine has gained popularity as an essential piece of equipment for coiled objects. This machine is specially designed for packaging corrugated pipe coils, steel wires, plastic tubes/pipes/hose coils, and other similar objects. It not only saves effort and space but also enhances package appearance. This article will explore the features, technical specifications, and benefits of the pipe coil wrapping machine.

## What is a Pipe Coil Wrapping Machine?

A pipe coil wrapping machine is a specialized piece of equipment designed for wrapping coiled objects using stretch film, knit tape, paper tape, among other materials. The machine’s primary purpose is to ensure that the wrapped package is well-protected, sealed, and appears tidy.

## Basic Features of a Pipe Coil Wrapping Machine

The pipe coil wrapping machine boasts several features that make it a popular choice among manufacturers. Let’s take a look at some of its key features:

### Quality Components

The machine’s main components are made of quality brands and guarantee excellent collections.

### Material Selection

The machine supports different packing materials, making it versatile for use across different industries.

### Dual Material Wrapping

Two different materials can be wrapped together in one operation using the machine, ensuring that your packaging needs are met satisfactorily.

### Automatic Cutting

The machine comes with an automatic cutter that ensures that the material is automatically cut to the correct size, saving you time and effort.

### Support Rollers

The machine adopts up and down supporting rollers that help fix the coil securely in place. The supporting rollers are covered with polyurethane for long-lasting usage.

### Separate Electrical Box

For safety purposes, the machine comes equipped with a separate electrical box for trouble-shooting and safe operation.

### Guardrails

The machine comes with guardrails for moving parts to ensure safe operation.

### Automatic Packaging

The packaging time can be set on the control panel for automatic stop, making it easy to operate.

### Reinforced Ring and Structure

The machine has a robust reinforced ring and structure that guarantees durability, stability, and long working life.

## Technical Data of a Pipe Coil Wrapping Machine

Pipe coil wrapping machines are available in different models, such as the GS300 and the GS500. Here are some of their technical specifications:

| ITEMS | GS300 | GS500 |
| —————| ———–| ———–|
| Object weight | ≤500mm | ≤1000mm |
| Object height | ≤300mm | ≤500mm |
| Object OD | 500-1000mm| 600-1200mm|
| Object ID | ≥300mm | ≥400mm |
| Roller speed | 2-4m/min | 2-4m/min |
| Ring speed | 30-50r/min| 30-50r/min|
| Suitable material| Stretch film, Knit tape, paper tape etc.|Stretch film, Knit tape, paper tape etc.|
| Material width | 100-150mm | 100-150mm |
| Material OD | 150mm | 150mm |
| Material ID | 55mm | 55mm |
| Power output | About 1.5kw| About 2.0kw|
| Power voltage | 380V,50HZ | 380V,50HZ |

Note that the technical specifications are for reference only, and companies can custom-design a machine to meet specific object size requirements.

## Qualifications of A Pipe Coil Wrapping Machine

Manufacturers of the pipe coil wrapping machine prioritize quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction. Here are some of the qualifications you can expect from a reputable pipe coil wrapping machine manufacturer:

### ISO9001:2000 and CE certified

Top manufacturers have earned certification by ISO9001:2000 and CE, affirming that their products meet international standards.

### Professional manufacturer

A reputable manufacturer has more than 20 years of experience in the field, guaranteeing expert services right from production to post-sales support.

### Custom-build machines

Top manufacturers offer custom-designs to ensure their client’s specific requirements are met.

### Technical support

Manufacturers offer technical support to help their clients better understand their products and how to operate them.

### Partnership

Top manufacturers aim to create a long-term relationship with their clients characterized by reliability, performance, and adherence to quality.

## Conclusion

Packaging is a crucial step in the manufacturing process that requires specialized equipment to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of the entire process. The pipe coil wrapping machine is a great example of such equipment. With its outstanding features, technical specifications, and qualifications, it is an excellent investment for any company seeking to improve its packaging solutions.