May 29, 2023


## The Benefits of Plastic Pipe Bagging Machine

### Introduction

The plastic pipe bagging machine is a highly efficient piece of equipment that is used to feed a bundle of pipes into a plastic bag, which is then sealed properly. It is designed to work alongside a pipe bundling machine to create an automatic packing line. This machinery system comprises a feeding system, plastic bag making, roll bag filling system, and discharging system.

### Features of Plastic Pipe Bagging Machine

#### Feeding System

The feeding system is the front-end equipment of the bagging system. It comes with a conveyor for roll loading and is equipped with a horizontal transfer technology that ensures products can enter the bagging station smoothly. The bag material used for this system is PP woven.

#### Bagging Machine

The bagging machine automatically creates woven bags that are adjustable per different bundle OD. Both sides of the bag are well sealed by the machine, with the end side being sealed by stitching, and the front side being sealed by adhesive tapping. The bundle is automatically filled into the bag, making the operation easy, precise, and fast. The packaging material used is rolled tubular materials. The machine will grab, bag, and seal material correctly and can also fix one end of the bundle automatically.

#### Discharging System

The discharging system, which is the back-end equipment of the bagging machine, is responsible for putting the products into the aggregation trolley. The aggregation trolley is supplied by the user, and Jinglin can supply layout design if needed.

#### Technical Data

| Items | Data |
| —– | —- |
| Applications | Single pipe or pipe bundle bagged to approximate cylinder shape |
| Applicable objects | PPR/PVC/PE/PP pipes |
| Pipe bundle diameter | ≤180mm |
| Pipe length | 3/4 meters |
| Bagging type | One or two years |
| Bagging material | Plastic tape or compound knit tape, etc |
| Bagging mode | Automatic bagging and sealing |
| Efficiency | Approx. 5pcs/min |
| Power supply | AC, 380V50Hz, 3 phase 5 wires |

## The Working Process of Plastic Pipe Bagging Machine

### Workflow

The plastic pipe bagging machine has a simple workflow that starts by loading the pipe bundle to the feeding conveyor for bagging. The bundle is then transferred to the bagging station one by one. Next, the automatic bag making and pipe filling into the bag takes place. Once complete, the bag is moved to the next station for front side tapping. Finally, the bagged bundle is pushed into the aggregate car/basket.

### Benefits

– Modular construction of the system
– Mechanical bagging has higher efficiency than manual packaging
– Wide range of application, with a special design for special size products
– No risk of product damage with a humanized design and manufacture
– Extremely low cost of consumables and energy
– Low noise level during machine operation
– Machine is equipped with a quick-change dispenser for the wrapping material

## Conclusion

The plastic pipe bagging machine is a valuable piece of equipment that can save time and effort by automating the process of bagging pipe bundles. It is affordable, highly efficient, and easy to operate, making it a great investment for businesses of all sizes. The modular construction design means that it can be customized to suit different applications, and with low noise levels and low energy and consumable costs, it is a smart choice for any company looking to streamline their packaging process.

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