June 9, 2023

# SLIT COIL PACKING MACHINE: Wrapping Solutions for Coiled Objects

Coiled objects are often difficult to transport and store because they take up more space and can be easily damaged. The solution to this problem is to use a slit coil packing machine. These machines can wrap different kinds of coiled objects, including steel coils, copper coils, aluminum coils, copper wire coils, steel wire coils, and cable coils, making them waterproof, dustproof, rustproof, and well-protected.

## Machine Application

The slit coil packing machine is versatile and customizable. It can be used for wrapping different kinds of coiled objects to make them easier to transport and store. The machine wraps the products in a spiral manner through the eye of the coil, providing a secure and tight seal.

## Basic Features

The slit coil packing machine is equipped with several features that make it efficient and user-friendly. These features include:

### Moveable Wrapping Unit

The machine has a moveable wrapping unit which is convenient and safe for coil loading and offloading.

### PLC Program Control

The machine is equipped with a PLC program control system for automatic operation.

### Adjustable Turning Ring Height

The turning ring height is adjustable to adapt to slit coil with different OD.

### Converters Adopted

Converters are adopted to adjust the ring and roller speed, which is also available for changing the overlap of the wrapping material.

### Stable Performance

The slit coil packing machine offers stable performance and is easy to maintain.

### Adjustable Wrapping Material Tension

The wrapping material tension could be adjusted according to the needs of the user.

### Durable High Anti-Friction PU

Durable high anti-friction PU is adopted for friction wheels.

### Solid Whole Casting Structure

The turning ring of the slit coil wrapping machine has a solid whole casting structure.

### Automatic Alarm System

The indicator lamp alarms automatically when trouble occurs.

## Main Parameters

The slit coil packing machine has several parameters that can be customized according to the needs of the user. Some of the main parameters are:

– Model: GD300
– Type: Wrapper moveable
– Coil width: 20mm-300mm
– Coil OD: 700mm-1500mm
– Coil ID: 508mm/610mm
– Coil weight: 50kg-2000Kg
– Ring speed: 80r/min
– Roller speed: 5-8m/min
– Driven type: Electric
– Power output: 4.0KW
– Power supply: AC/380V/50Hz
– Air supply: 6-8kgf/cm2

The packing material that can be used with the machine includes knit tape, stretch film, and VCI paper. Optional features include a synchronous wrapping system and an automatic mechanical hand.

## After-sales Service Guarantee

The slit coil packing machine comes with a one-year warranty. Spare parts of the machine are supplied for free, and engineers are available to service machinery overseas if needed. Electric components that break are changed for free. The manufacturer will respond and deal with the trouble within three hours after receiving technical support requirements. If the machine still can’t work after maintenance, a new machine will be provided as a replacement. The machine’s structure fame is guaranteed for ten years, and lifelong technical assistance and support are available.

## Conclusion

The slit coil packing machine is a versatile and customizable machine that can be used for wrapping different kinds of coiled objects. Its various features make it efficient and easy to use, providing a tight and secure seal for coiled products. The machine’s customizable features enable users to wrap coiled objects of different sizes and shapes, making it a valuable investment for various industries.