June 8, 2023

# Steel Strip Wrapping Machine: Features and Technical Parameters

Steel strip wrapping machines are custom-designed to meet the unique needs of metallurgic and plastic industries. These machines are widely used for wrapping copper strips, steel coils, wire coils, pipe coils, and other products to enhance their marketing and transportation. The steel strip packing machine can be equipped with a conveyor to achieve automatic and effective packing. There are various options for the most diverse requirements. This article discusses the basic features and technical parameters of the steel strip wrapping machine.

## Application

The steel strip wrapping machine is custom designed by Jinglin for metallurgic and plastic industries. It can be widely applicable for wrapping copper strip coils, steel coils, wire coils, pipe coils, etc. The packed coils are nice and tidy for marketing and transportation.

## Basic Features

The steel strip wrapping machine has the following features:

### 1. Excellent Collections

Well-known brands are adopted for main components.

### 2. Indicator Alarms Automatically

When trouble occurs, the indicator alarms automatically.

### 3. The Turning Ring is Controlled by Converter

The overlap rate could be adjusted according to the requirement.

### 4. Package Height Could be Adjusted for Different OD

The package height could be adjusted for different OD.

### 5. Material Tension Could be Adjusted Automatically

The material tension could be adjusted automatically.

### 6. The Special Brake Device

The special brake device controls the tension of packing material to avoid material folding.

### 7. Separate Electrical Box

The steel strip wrapping machine comes with a separate electrical box for safe operation, technical testing, and trouble-shooting.

### 8. Separate Material Carriage and Cutter Device

The Wrapping process becomes more efficient when you separate material carriage and cutter device. Supporting and protection rollers made by solid steel construction are covered by polyurethane to protect the product.

### 9. PLC & HMI

PLC & HMI are adopted.

### 10. Can Setting Packing Tape & Stretch Film

Wrapping just in one packing process makes the working more efficient.

### 11. Easy Operation and Maintenance

The steel strip wrapping machine is easy to operate and maintain.

## Technical Parameters

The technical parameters of the steel strip wrapping machine are as follows:





Object ID




Object OD




Object height




Object weight




Wrapping tape

Pp Knit belt/ paper

Pp Knit belt/ paper

Pp Knit belt/ paper

Ring speed




Overlap rate




Power output

About 1.5kw

About 1.5kw

About 2.0kw

Power supply

380V, 3phase 5wires

380V, 3phase 5wires

380V, 3phase 5wires

Air source




Note: the datas are only for reference, the machine can be custom designed according to specific object size.

## Conclusion

The steel strip wrapping machine is an efficient and reliable solution for the packaging of various products in metallurgic and plastic industries. With a range of impressive features such as excellent collections, automatic indicator alarms, and adjustable overlap rate, the steel strip wrapping machine offers all the basic features required for an efficient packaging solution. Furthermore, its technical parameters, such as object weight, ring speed, and power output, ensure optimal performance that entirely meets diverse industry requirements.