May 29, 2023

# Automatic Bearing Wrapping Machine

If you’re looking for an efficient way to wrap your bearing, steel coils, copper coils, steel wires, cable coils, and pipe coils, the Automatic Bearing Wrapping Machine is the solution you need. This machine is designed to wrap objects vertically and protect them from damage during storage and transit.

## Description
The Automatic Bearing Wrapping Machine is specially designed to wrap your coils and bearing. The package that is produced after wrapping is sealed properly, well-protected, and looks tidier. The machine’s features make it an excellent choice for improving work efficiency and reducing labor costs.

### Application
The Automatic Bearing Wrapping Machine is designed for eye-to-vertical wrapping of the following objects:

– Bearing
– Steel coils
– Copper coils
– Steel wires
– Cable coil
– Pipe coils, etc.

### Basic Features
The basic features of the Automatic Bearing Wrapping Machine include:

1. Moveable wrapping unit, making it convenient for coil loading and offloading of bearings.
2. PLC program for automatic operation.
3. The speed of the ring and roller is adjustable using a converter.
4. The overlap of the packing tape can be adjusted using a converter.
5. Packing tape tension can be adjusted.
6. Different packing materials can be chosen.
7. Supporting rollers are wrapped by polyurethane to protect the surface of the objects.
8. Side rollers are adopted to prevent shaking during packing operations.
9. The packing material is cut automatically by the cutter.
10. Indicator alarms automatically when trouble occurs.
11. Friction between wheel and ring is adjustable.
12. Soft start and soft stop ensure safe operation.
13. Packing position reset function.
14. Simple structure, easy for operation and maintenance.
15. Circumferential labeling device can be adopted for pasting the company logo tape around the surface of the wrapped bearing.

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## Conclusion
The Automatic Bearing Wrapping Machine is the perfect solution for your bearing wrapping needs. With features like adjustable tape overlap, adjustable packing tape tension, and adjustable friction between the wheel and ring, you can customize your wrapping to suit your needs. The machine’s moveable wrapping unit makes coil loading and offloading convenient, while its soft start and stop features ensure safe operation. Overall, this machine can help you save on labor costs and improve your work efficiency.

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