June 9, 2023

# FZ-05 Coil Upender: Turning Heavy Objects Efficiently and Safely

Coil upenders are essential machines in the material handling industry, particularly for turning heavy and bulky objects such as steel coils, copper coils, moulds, paper rolls, and more. Among the coil upenders available in the market, the FZ-05 model stands out with its excellent durability and high effectiveness features. In this article, we will discuss what FZ-05 coil upenders are, their basic features, and main parameters.

## What Are FZ-05 Coil Upenders?

FZ-05 coil upenders are machines designed and fabricated with the use of quality material and high-end technology. They are mainly used for turning heavy objects for 90 degrees, with a maximum loading capacity of 5 tons. FZ-05 coil upenders are popular in the worldwide market for their durability and efficiency, particularly in the material handling industry.

## Basic Features of FZ-05 Coil Upenders

The FZ-05 coil upenders are designed with several basic features that make them efficient, durable and safe to use. These features include:

### Quality and Durability
FZ-05 coil upenders are designed with quality materials and high-end technology, ensuring their durability and resistance to corrosion.

### Special Double Chain Drive
The machine is fitted with a special double chain drive, oblique gear and worm speed reducer, which facilitates the turning process.

### Four-Roller Device Wrapped with Polyamide Adhesive
The FZ-05 coil upender has a four-roller device wrapped with polyamide adhesive, ensuring the safety and stability of the objects being turned.

### Inverter Control
The machine’s inverter control feature ensures fast, stable, and safe operations.

### Separate Control Panel
The FZ-05 coil upender comes with a separate control panel that enables remote operation.

### Multiple Position Limit System
The machine has a multiple position limit system that ensures safe operation.

### Random Stopping
The machine can be stopped at random, and objects will remain in their current position.

### Customized Options
FZ-05 coil upenders are available in various sizes, capacities, and platforms to match specific object sizes.

## Main Parameters of FZ-05 Coil Upenders

FZ-05 coil upenders come with several main parameters that demonstrate their unique capabilities. These parameters include:

– Max loading capacity: 5T
– One-way turn-over speed: Approx.30 S
– Transfer mode: Mechanical
– Power output: About 2.2KW
– Working mode: Manual switch/remote control
– Product width: 700mm
– Product diameter: 2000mm
– Product weight: Within 5000kg
– Dimension: Approx.L2700mm/W1100mm/H2100mm
– Power voltage: AC,380V, 3 phase 5wires

## Conclusion

FZ-05 coil upenders are an essential component of the material handling industry, particularly for turning heavy and bulky objects. The FZ-05 model stands out with its excellent durability, efficiency, and safety features, such as the special double chain drive, four-roller device wrapped with polyamide adhesive, and multiple position limit system. The machine’s customizable options, such as sizes, capacities, and platforms, ensures it can match specific object sizes. The FZ-05 coil upender is a reliable and efficient solution for all your coil turning needs.