May 29, 2023

# Orbital Stretch Wrapping Machine: Efficient Packaging Solution

Orbital stretch wrapping machine is a popular choice for packaging various long loads, including pipes, molding, aluminum profiles, tubes, bars, and panels. With high-speed and high-performance, this wrapping machine not only protects the product but also ensures safety, stability, and efficiency of the packaging process. In this article, we will discuss the functions, features, and benefits of the orbital stretch wrapping machine.

## Introduction to Orbital Stretch Wrapping Machine

The GG series orbital wrapping machine is designed to wrap horizontal objects for transport and storage, protecting against dust, dirt, and humidity. It is engineered to accommodate different long loads and can be easily set up in automatic production lines. The machine works by hoisting the long objects on a front conveyor line, where the wrapping material is tied, fixed, and cut automatically. The wrapped objects are then lifted from the back conveyor line, and the next wrapping process commences after the conveyor is cleared.

## Features of Orbital Stretch Wrapping Machine

The orbital stretch wrapping machine boasts many features that ensure safety, stability, and efficiency. Some of the notable features include:

### Double-Ring and Double-Rub Wheel

The GG series is equipped with a double-ring and double-rub wheel, which ensures safe and stable operation.

### PLC and HMI Control

The machine utilizes a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and Human Machine Interface (HMI) for automatic and convenient operation.

### Special Tension Control

The machine has special tension control that provides uniform film tension for small and big pipe bundles.

### Supportive Rollers

The machine has supportive rollers that prevent shaking and ensure stable operation.

### Photoelectricity for Fixing Packing Position

The machine has a photoelectric system that fixes the packing position, ensuring accurate and efficient wrapping.

### Indicator Alarms

The machine features indicator alarms that indicate when trouble occurs, allowing for quick resolution.

### Adjustable Overlap Rate

The turning ring of the machine is controlled by a converter, and the overlap rate can be adjusted.

### Independent Electrical Cabinet

The machine is equipped with an independent electrical cabinet and control panel, making operation safe and convenient.

### Safety Guards

The machine has welded mesh safety guards that protect the operator.

### Manipulator

The machine can be equipped with a manipulator for automatic wrapping material feeding and cutting, achieving automatic operation (optional).

### Customizability

The machine can be custom-designed according to specific object size and can be painted per the customer’s request.

## Parameters of Orbital Stretch Wrapping Machine

The machine is available in three models, GG300, GG500, and GG800, with varying section diameters, conveyor lengths, and conveying speeds. The machines have different rotating speeds, conveyor heights, and overlap scopes, as well as power output and voltage. The machine supports several materials like compound paper tape, knit tape, anti-rust tape, waterproof tape, and stretch film, and can accommodate different material sizes.

## After-Sales Service

The machine comes with several after-sales services, including a 12-month warranty for the whole machine, free spare parts of the machine, quick technical response, 10 years warranty for structural fame, overseas maintenance availability, and new machine replacement for irreversible quality issues.

## Conclusion

The orbital stretch wrapping machine is an efficient and reliable packaging solution for various long loads. Equipped with several features and customizable options, this machine is easy to use and can ensure safety, stability, and efficiency during the packaging process. With several models available, customers can choose the machine that fits their specific needs and enjoy the benefits of after-sales services.

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