June 10, 2023

Title: Cable Wire Re-winding Procession with Automatic Coiling and Strapping Machine

In this video, we showcase the amazing cable wire re-winding procession with an automatic coiling and strapping machine with a pay off device. This cutting-edge technology has revolutionized cable wire packaging and provides a seamless way to wind and package cable wire without any hassle.

The process starts with a reel of wire being loaded on to the automatic accumulator, which then measures the length of the wire to ensure accuracy. Once the wire has been measured, it is fed onto the pay off machine, which unwinds the wire and feeds it to the coiling machine.

The coiling machine then winds the wire into a tight, neat coil, ensuring that the wire is packaged efficiently and effectively. Once the wire has been coiled, it is then fed through the strapping machine, which seals the coil with durable and reliable straps.

This video gives a comprehensive overview of the entire process, highlighting the key features and benefits of this innovative technology. It provides a rich and informative view of the cutting-edge technology used in the wire industry.

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