June 8, 2023

Discover the G95 Pallet Inverter – The Industrial Solution for Pallet Inverting

In any industry that uses pallets to move and store goods, stack them up to the ceiling and beyond, you’ll have come across pallet inverting, whether you realize it or not. A pallet inverter rotates a pallet to transfer it safely and effectively from one position, such as upright to laying, allowing easy removal or adding of goods, all without having to manually handle the loads.

At Premier Handling Solutions, we bring you the most innovative industrial solutions that can revolutionize your warehouse operations and improve productivity. One such innovative product is the G95 Pallet Inverter, which is a machine capable of carrying out heavy-duty pallet inverting operations effortlessly.

What is the G95 Pallet Inverter?

The G95 Pallet Inverter is an industrial-grade machine that offers a variety of benefits, including the ability to rotate pallets in any direction with exceptional smoothness and safety. The machine is designed to handle even the heaviest of pallets, with lifting capacities up to 5,500 pounds.

Benefits of Using the G95 Pallet Inverter

1. Improved Efficiency

The G95 Pallet Inverter is a formidable industrial solution, capable of carrying out heavy pallet inverting operations in what can be just a few minutes. Compared to manual lifting and inverting, this machine enables quicker handling of pallets, which translates into reduced downtime, improved turnaround times and greater operational efficiency.

2. Operator Safety

The G95 Pallet Inverter is built with operator safety in mind. The machine is designed to provide a safe and ergonomic working environment, with easy-to-use controls that ensure the operator can operate the machine safely. The risk of injury due to pallet inverting is greatly reduced with the G95, making it a valuable tool in any warehouse.

3. Cost Savings

Pallet inverting carried out manually can lead to product damage, which can significantly impact your bottom line. The G95 Pallet Inverter eliminates this risk by providing a controlled environment for the handling of pallets, leading to fewer damaged goods, reduced material loss, and lower costs.

4. Flexibility

The G95 Pallet Inverter can handle different types of pallets and loads, making it a versatile tool in any warehouse. It can invert pallets with varying heights, with or without stacked goods, and even be programmed to carry out customized inverting operations based on unique requirements.

5. Reliability

Durability, reliability and longevity are three key features of the G95 Pallet Inverter. The machine is built to last and requires minimal maintenance, so you can rely on it to operate efficiently all day long.

Applications of the G95 Pallet Inverter

The G95 Pallet Inverter can be used in a wide range of industries where palletized goods are an integral part of the supply chain. These industries include:

– Food and Beverage
– Pharmaceutical
– Chemical
– Automotive and Engineering
– Warehouse and Distribution Centers
– Manufacturing and industrial


The G95 Pallet Inverter is an essential industrial solution that can significantly improve warehouse efficiency and reduce operating costs. This machine streamlines handling, safe rotation and inversion of heavy pallets, making it a valuable investment for warehouses of all sizes. Contact Premier Handling Solutions to learn more about the G95 Pallet Inverter and discover how it can revolutionize your warehouse operations.