June 10, 2023

Jinglin, a leading provider of customized packing solutions for the rubber and plastic industries, has been offering a high-quality electrical cable wrapping machine for 20 years. This machine is designed to wrap cable coils tightly and securely in horizontal positions using stretch film, making them look neat and tidy for storage and transport.

Apart from its efficiency, the Jinglin electrical cable wrapping machine has a simple design that allows for safe and convenient operation. It also features well-known brands that have been adopted for the machine’s main components. Additionally, the overlap extent degree is adjustable by inverters by specific requirements, and the wrapping film tension is also adjustable for ease of use.

To ensure the coil’s proper placement, the press and side rollers are employed, while an integrated electrical box saves space and makes operation convenient. The machine can also be customized to add a synchronous wrapping device that wraps two materials together, and an automatic mechanical hand is also optional.

The use of PLC and HMI systems facilitates automatic program setting. The device can calculate the usage of the packing material by entering an ID, OD, and width easily. Its high efficiency and low labor and material cost features make it an ideal choice for cable manufacturers and distributors.

If any problems occur during machine operations, Jinglin provides effective troubleshooting solutions. For instance, if the complete machine fails to work, it is essential to check the external power supply and power switch. Still, if the packaging tape is misaligned or multi-folded, high-quality tape shall be replaced, or the feeding route of the packaging tape checked.

Jinglin offers 12 months warranty on the machine, 10 years warranty for structure frame, free spare parts of the machine, quick technical response within 24 hours, and overseas maintenance available if needed. The company also supplies a wide range of packing machines, including drip pipe wrapping machines, pallet wrapping machines, copper strip packing machines, and panel shrink wrapping machines.

In conclusion, Jinglin’s electrical cable wrapping machine is a highly efficient, cost-effective, and practical machine characterized by its simple design, safe and convenient operation, and adjustable features. The device is an excellent investment for companies that require secure, neat, and safe cable packaging.