June 9, 2023

Are you tired of manually reloading pallets or transferring goods from one pallet to another? Say hello to the Gradeall Pallet Inverter! This innovative machine is designed to optimize efficiency in your warehouse by swiftly and easily flipping over entire pallets, allowing you to load and unload goods with minimum manual effort.

What is a Pallet Inverter?

The pallet inverter, also known as a bale inverter, is a machine that is designed to handle pallets in a simple and efficient manner. It has been created to cater to the needs of warehouse owners who are faced with the tedious task of replacing damaged bottom boards or transferring products from one pallet to another. The pallet inverter works by securely clamping the pallet’s sides and flipping it over. The machine can then remove or replace the bottom boards of the pallet and vice versa, which ultimately reduces the need for heavy and laborious manual handling.

How Does the Gradeall Pallet Inverter Work?

The Gradeall Pallet Inverter is a robust and versatile machine that can flip pallets of various dimensions and weight. It features a powerful hydraulic system that can handle loads of up to 2000kg and pallet sizes up to 1200mm x 1200mm x 2200mm. The machine can also invert partially loaded pallets and deal with damaged or disconnected pallets.

The Gradeall Pallet Inverter is simple to operate with user-friendly controls that can be easily adjusted to suit your specific needs. The machine has two clamping systems that grip the pallet firmly, ensuring that it remains perfectly stable during inversion.

Benefits of Using a Pallet Inverter

Using a pallet inverter in your warehouse can save you time, reduce labor costs, and improve overall productivity. It enables you to streamline your operations and handle heavy loads with ease. Additional advantages of using a pallet inverter include:

1. Damage prevention – Using a pallet inverter can help prevent product damage by reducing the amount of manual handling required.

2. Improved hygiene – The pallet inverter is designed to meet high hygiene standards, making it an ideal solution for the food and pharmaceutical industries.

3. Reduced labor costs – By automating the process of pallet replacement, you can reduce labor costs and free up time for your staff to focus on other tasks.

4. Increased efficiency – The Gradeall Pallet Inverter can handle a range of pallet sizes and weights, allowing you to optimize your warehouse space and improve workflow.


If you’re looking to improve warehouse efficiency and reduce labor costs, consider investing in a pallet inverter. The Gradeall Pallet Inverter offers a range of benefits, including damage prevention, improved hygiene, reduced labor costs, and increased efficiency. The machine is designed to be simple to operate and is compatible with a range of pallet sizes and weights. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how the Gradeall Pallet Inverter can optimize your warehouse operations.