May 29, 2023

Horizontal panel door board wrapping machine packing machine is an advanced and fully automatic machine used for packing door panels. It mainly comprises of infeeding and outfeeding conveyors, automatic line electrical control panel, main wrapping machine, and other components essential for its functioning. This machine is entirely automatic and requires no manual intervention except for changing consumables such as stretch film rolls.


The automatic door packing machine comes with a host of features that make it reliable and easy to operate, some of which include:

• PLC control system and HMI touch screen operation for seamless and easy operation.

• Friction structure adopted for safe, steady and strong operation, which ensures that the panels are wrapped with utmost care.

• Automatic object tracking, precise positioning, convenient, and safe operation, which enhances efficiency.

• Special tension adjust system ensures uniform tension of the packing material, which avoids uneven wrapping.

• Mechanical hand for automatic packing material feeding and cutting, safe, and efficient.

• The protective rollers wrapped by polyurethane to protect the object from scratches, which keeps the panels in pristine condition.

• Soft start and soft stop functions for safe operation, which ensures that the panels are wrapped precisely without damaging them.

• Automatic error alarming, which alerts the operator in case of any fault, thereby ensuring that the machine runs optimally.


The model GG1200 checks the following parameters to ensure that the machine operates optimally:

• Control mode PLC

• Work mode Auto/manual

• Section diameter of the object ≤1200mm

• Object length ≥1000mm

• Object weight 10-500kg

• Ring speed 10-90r/min

• Conveyor length 6000mm*2 (can be customized)

• Conveyor speed 0-12m/min

• Packing material Stretch film/knit tape or compound paper tape

• Power output Appr.1.5kw

• Supply voltage AC380V/50HZ

• Control voltage ADC24V

• Air supply 6-8kgf/cm2

Note: the technical data is only for reference, and the machine can be custom designed according to products’ specifications.


The horizontal panel door board wrapping machine packing machine for panels is an advanced and reliable piece of equipment that is ideal for the efficient and safe packing of door panels. It comes with advanced features that make its operations seamless, efficient, and reliable. Additionally, its automatic error alarming system ensures that the machine runs optimally, thereby reducing downtime and improving productivity.

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