June 9, 2023

Introducing the Vertical Hose Coil Packing Machine: An Efficient Solution for Packaging Small Corrugated Hose Coils

For those in the industry of manufacturing corrugated hose coils and pipe coils, packaging can be a tedious and time-consuming process. But with the Vertical Hose Coil Packing Machine with ring top opening structure, it doesn’t have to be.

This machine is specifically designed for the packaging of light or small corrugated hose coils and pipe coils. It comes equipped with a pressing roller that fixes the coil position from any unwanted movement. The high working table height allows for comfortable and convenient operation by operators.

One of the most common wrapping materials used with this machine is LLDPE stretch film, which produces tightly sealed and well-protected packaging that can keep the products secure during shipping and storage.

Among the machine’s distinguishing characteristics are:

1. A high packing table for easy manual operation.
2. Adjustable overlap degree of the film.
3. Adjustable board height with turning ring.
4. Adjustable wrapping material tension.
5. Side rollers that protect the coils during packing.
6. Supporting rollers made of polyurethane that fix the coil.
7. Separate electrical box for safe operation and troubleshooting.
8. Safety covers that protect the operator from moving parts.
9. Simple structure, easy operation, and maintenance.

Technical Data:

Object Hose coils/pipe coils Hose coils/pipe coils
Package width ≤200mm ≤300mm
Package OD 300-500mm 300-600mm
Package ID ≥200mm ≥250mm
Rotating speed About 20-90r/min About 20-90r/min
Roller speed 2-4m/min 2-4m/min
Overlap scope 10%-90% 10%-90%
Wrapping Material LLDPE/PE/Stretch film/PVC W:80mm OD:≤120mm ID:50mm LLDPE/PE/Stretch film/PVC W:80mm OD:≤120mm ID:50mm
Power output About 1.0kw About 1.5kw
Power voltage 380V/50Hz /3 phase 380V/50Hz /3 phase

The data provided is only for reference, as the machine can be custom-designed according to specific object size.

Installation of the Machine:

1. The machine features a main wrapping machine, an electrical cabinet, safety covers, and others.
2. Place the machine horizontally on the ground and install all other parts and small auxiliaries.
3. Before installation, inspect all flexible components with care as the machine may have been transported and moved.
4. The entire installation process shall be completed under the power supply cut off.
5. The Hose Coil Wrapping Machine should be mounted on flat and hard ground; the power supply should comply with what is stated on the machine’s nameplate.
6. The machine should be mounted in a dry and dust-free environment.

After-Sales Service:

– 12-month warranty for the whole machine
– FREE spare parts
– Quick technical response within 24 hours upon receiving a request
– 10-year warranty for the structure frame
– Overseas maintenance is available if necessary
– A new machine replacement will be available if there is an irreversible issue with quality.

In conclusion, the Vertical Hose Coil Packing Machine is an excellent solution for companies producing small or light corrugated hose coils and pipe coils. With its ease of use, adjustable settings, and modern features, packaging can be done quickly and efficiently.