June 4, 2023

The 1/3 Hose Coil Wrapping Machine is a revolutionary piece of technology that is designed to automate the packing process for different hose coils, pipe coils, wire coils, and other objects. With the latest advancements in technology, this machine ensures the safety and protection of your hoses by offering waterproof, dustproof, and anti-rust properties.

This machine is perfect for various industries, from manufacturing to logistics and warehousing. It also ensures that your package objects are well-decorated while simultaneously saving labor force, space in your warehouse, and improving working efficiency.

The PLC automatic control system ensures seamless and efficient control over the hose coil wrapping machine. It allows for a synchronous wrapping system that enables more than one packaging material to wrap the coil in one packing process, and it employs different material release structures for different wrapping materials.

The wrapping material can also be cut automatically with the option to adjust the overlap rate of the packing tape by the converter, making it easier to regulate the slip ring height for different coil dimensions. The wrapping material tension is adjustable, giving you the freedom to select different packing materials, and the carrier rollers and side rollers covered with polyurethane fix the coil in place.

The machine is equipped with separate electrical cabinets for safe operation and trouble shooting, making it easy to identify and fix any issues that might arise. It is also designed with a user-friendly HMI screen that gives you control over all the operations.

Technical data shows that the GS300 and GS500 models are suitable for objects with widths of up to 300mm and 500mm, respectively, with both capable of accommodating objects with an OD of 500-1000mm and 600-1200mm, respectively. The machine uses stretch film, knit tape, paper tape, etc., and can be custom designed according to specific object size.

The operating process of the hose coil wrapping machine is straightforward. It requires connecting to an external power supply, loading the unpackaged hose coil into the wrapping station, adjusting the tension of the packing material, and pressing the “start” button. The machine begins working and stops after a complete coil is finished after reaching the set time.

The manufacturer of the machine offers 12 months warranty for the entire machine, with free spare parts, quick technical response within 24 hours upon receiving a request, ten years warranty for the structural frame, overseas maintenance available if needed, and new machine replacement available for irreversible quality issues.

In conclusion, the 1/3 Hose Coil Wrapping Machine is an essential investment that you can make for your business. It ensures that your package objects are well-protected, decorated, and saves your labor force, while improving your working efficiency. Contact the manufacturer today and enjoy the benefits of automating your packing process.