June 9, 2023

Shanghai Jinglin’s GS series hose wrapping machine is a custom-made machine that is primarily used for wrapping various types of water hoses, garden hoses, drip hose coils, plastic pipe coils, and other ring-type objects. The machine is designed to pack the objects securely, ensuring that they are relatively sealed and protected during transportation or storage. Additionally, the machine adds an aesthetic value to the packed objects, making them look more appealing.

One of the significant benefits of the GS series hose wrapping machine is that it helps to save labor costs while enhancing packing efficiency. The machine’s PLC program control enables the automatic packing of the hoses, reducing human involvement in the packing process. Additionally, the machine is customizable based on the specific size of the hose.

The machine boasts of several other benefits, including low energy and material consumption, easy operation and maintenance, low noise level during operation, and quick installation. More so, the machine’s overlap ratio is adjustable to meet different packing needs, while the tension adjustment mechanism ensures a good packing effect for both big and small coils.

The GS series hose wrapping machine is characterized by its simple structure, high wearing-resistance of the polyurethane friction wheel, adjustable slip ring, unique tension adjustment mechanism, and upper and down side rollers that fix and protect the coil. The machine has a ring speed of 20r/min-90r/min, adjustable overlap rate of 10%-90%, and a packing material that includes stretch film, knit tape and compound paper.

Shanghai Jinglin’s GS hose wrapping machine is an excellent investment for anyone in need of a custom-made hose wrapping machine. The machine’s ability to save labor costs and enhance packing efficiency makes it a valuable asset for any manufacturing company. The machine’s simple structure, easy operation, and low energy consumption make it an ideal investment for both small and large businesses. If you’re in need of a hose wrapping machine, the GS series machine is the machine for you.