June 4, 2023


The aluminum industry is one of the biggest in the world, with aluminum being a versatile metal used in various applications. However, aluminum coils are fragile and require protection during transport and storage.

To meet this demand, SHJLPACKING has introduced an advanced aluminum coil wrapping machine that assures safe and secure packing of aluminum coils. This machine is specially designed to provide a wrapping solution to aluminum coils of different sizes, ensuring they remain unscathed during transit and storage, regardless of their form.

Features of Aluminum Coil Wrapping Machine by SHJLPACKING

1. Automatic Design

The aluminum coil wrapping machine is automatic, making it easy to use for all operators. The machine’s controls are user-friendly, and all functions are monitored by a microprocessor that ensures the machine’s high standard and reliability.

2. High-Strength Conveyor

The wrapping machine has a high-strength conveyor that effectively lifts the coil and loads it onto the wrapping area. With this, the aluminum coil wrapping machine can handle a wide range of coil sizes and weights, making it versatile.

3. Moving Arm System

The aluminum coil wrapping machine boasts a patented moving arm system that ensures even accumulation of multiple coils. It can manage up to 4 aluminum coils simultaneously without causing any damage or deformation to the wrapped aluminum coils.

4. Adjustable Wrapping Parameters

The wrapping machine is also equipped with adjustable wrapping parameters, including overlap rate, tension, and turns, enabling users to customize the wrapping process to meet specific requirements.

5. Water-Proof

With the advanced aluminum coil wrapping machine, aluminum coils remain secure and waterproof during storage and transport. This feature is vital, especially when transporting coils through harsh weather conditions by road, rail, or sea.

6. Energy-Saving

The wrapping machine’s energy-saving mode enables it to reduce energy costs and increase environmental friendliness. This feature optimizes the coil wrapping process, saving both time and energy.

Conclusively, the SHJLPACKING aluminum coil wrapping machine is a high-quality packing solution that ensures safe and secure transportation of aluminum coils. The machine is easy to operate, with adjustable wrapping parameters, and can accommodate different aluminum coil sizes and shapes.

Investing in this advanced aluminum coil packing solution not only guarantees the safety and protection of your aluminum coils during transit but also saves you valuable time and money in the long run. Contact SHJLPACKING to learn more!