June 10, 2023

GW series hydraulic hose wrapping machines are the solution to your tight and close packing needs for hose coils, pipe coils, and other coiled objects horizontally. The machine is designed to wrap the hose coils tightly, sealing them perfectly so that they look tidy and beautiful for storage, transportation, and market.

The machine’s basic features include a horizontal structure with a working table that is convenient for manual handling, suitable for packing light coils that are easy to load and offload by manual, adjustment of overlapping rate and film tension according to needs, and different packing materials that can be chosen.

The machine is equipped with indication lights that alarm automatically when trouble appears, carrier rollers wrapped with polyurethane that protect the product surface, and safe fence for turning parts that ensure safe operation. Automatic material feeding and cutting are available for choice, and the main wrapper engine can be designed movable for convenient loading of heavy coils. Conveyors can also be equipped for automatic operation.

The machine’s main parameters include coil height, coil OD, coil ID, ring speed, overlap ratio, material, and output. The datas are only for reference, and the machine can be custom designed according to specific object size.

The operating panel switch includes power, emergency stop, start, stop, ring reset, roller (FWD/REV), ring jog, and time for cutting time set. The packing material will be cut automatically after the set time, and adjustments can be made according to needs.

The after-sales service includes a 12-month warranty for the whole machine, free spare parts of the machine, quick technical respondence within 24 hours upon receiving the request, 10 years warranty for structure fame, overseas maintenance available if needed, and new machine replacement available for irreversible quality issues.

The machine is CE approved and has IEC protection with an IP54 rating. It is an essential piece of equipment for any business dealing with coiled objects, and its efficiency and low labor cost make it a must-have for businesses looking to streamline their production process.