May 29, 2023

Panel Shrink Wrapping Machine: A Complete Package Solution for Industrial Use

Packaging plays a critical role in how products appear to customers, which is why industries have become more conscious regarding product packaging, especially for sensitive products. In this regard, the panel shrink wrapping machine has become an indispensable tool for industries. It is a fully automatic and easy-to-operate machine that is specifically designed to wrap panels, doors, boards, windows, furniture, or other horizontal objects, making them completely sealed and protected. The machine provides a neat and beautiful package, which is convenient for storage and transportation, making it an efficient and cost-effective packing choice for modern industries.

Basic Features of Panel Shrink Wrapping Machine

The panel shrink wrapping machine provides several basic features that are necessary for the efficient packaging of sensitive products. Some of these features include:

1. The shrink wrapping machine can work alone or be connected with the production line for automatic wrapping operation.

2. The machine has a PLC program and human-machine interface (HMI) control, making it an easy-to-operate machine even for those not familiar with the equipment.

3. All six sides of the panels are able to be wrapped, ensuring even and thorough protection.

4. The machine provides a nice and firm package for the panels.

5. For products with different sizes, the sealing width can be conveniently adjusted.

6. The machine has photoelectricity for setting the packing position.

7. Automatic film feeding is ensured by up and down rollers.

8. The machine’s conveyor speed can be adjustable by inverters.

9. The sealing part and shrinking part work in a synchronized manner.

10. The machine’s sealing system has a heated seal bar with easy-exchangeable sealing blade.

11. Heating temperature is controlled and detected by a temperature controller, ensuring efficient and safe operation.

12. Sealing time and sealing delay are controllable by the PLC.

13. Hi-speed hot air circulating in the shrink tunnel ensures even and consistent shrinkage.

14. Precise temperature control is achieved by compensation heating.

Main Parameters of the Panel Shrink Wrapping Machine

The panel shrink wrapping machine provides a set of main parameters that ensure its effectiveness in the packaging of products:

1. Sealing Part

– Structure Material: Carbon steel
– Packing object size:

– Length: 2000-2500mm;
– Width: 1000-1200mm;
– Height: 50mm

– Weight: ≤100kg
– Conveying speed: about 4-9m/min
– Work table height: about 800mm
– Packaging type: six sides packaging
– Packing material: PE shrink film.
– Sealing part power consumption: about 4KW
– Power Supply: 380V
– Air Supply: 6~8kgf/cm²

2. Shrinking Part

– Structure Material: Carbon Steel
– Shrinking tunnel length: about 3000mm
– Heating Power Consumption: About 30Kw
– Heater: 4PCS
– Cooling Fans: 1 Group
– Drive Part: Frequency control Motor
– Conveyor speed: about 3-8m/min
– Temperature: 100℃-220℃
– Packing Material: PE shrink film.
– Power Supply: 380V,50hz

Sales Service Available

The panel shrink wrapping machine ensures a high level of customer service that makes it a reliable machine for industrial use. Some of the sales services available include:

1. Pre-sales service:

– Inquiry and consulting support.
– Customized packing solutions offered.
– Sample testing support.
– Visit our factory.

2. After-sales service:

– One year warranty, lifelong technical assistance, and support.
– Engineers available to service machine overseas for installation and commissioning.
– Response to any problems within 24 hours.


The panel shrink wrapping machine is an all-in-one packaging solution for industries. It ensures a neat and beautiful appearance that is convenient for storage and transportation. Its high level of customer service ensures efficient production and cost-effectiveness. Therefore, relying on the panel shrink wrapping machine can help your industry meet the demands of the modern market.

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