June 4, 2023

# Automatic Master Aluminium Coil Stretch Wrapper with Multiple Roller Station

## Introduction
In the manufacturing industry, wrapping jumbo coils of metals such as steel, aluminum, copper, and wire is essential to keep them protected from rust, dust, and water. The traditional manual wrapping process involves human labor and takes a lot of time. To overcome this issue, Jinglin has introduced an automatic master aluminum coil stretch wrapper with multiple roller stations that packs jumbo coils of metal automatically, efficiently, and hygienically.

## Application
The automatic master aluminum coil stretch wrapper is specially designed for the automatic packaging of jumbo coils. The machine uses PE/PVC stretch film or plastic tape to wrap the coils, making the package waterproof, rustproof, dustproof, well protected, and decorated. This machine is highly automatic, highly integrated, safe, and practical packing machinery.

## Main Parameters
The essential specifications and dimensions of the automatic master aluminum coil stretch wrapper are as follows:

– Application: Aluminum/Steel/Copper/Steel wire coils, etc.
– Coil Size: Width 700-2000mm, ID≥450mm, OD: 1100-2200mm
– Coil Weight: 1000-30000kg
– Packing Material: PE/PVC stretch film/plastic tape
– Shutter Speed: Approx. 2-3m/sec.
– Power Output: Approx. 11kw
– Overlap Rate: 20%-90%
– Power Supply: 380V, three-phase five line

## Operation Process
The automatic master aluminum coil stretch wrapper performs the following operation steps:

1. Load the coils using a crane, C-hook, forkman, walking beam, or coil car onto the machine roller station.
2. The wrapping engine moves to the roller station with the coil, and the wrapper positions itself.
3. The U-type track adjusted according to the coil diameter and wrapping material dispense shuttle crossing the center of the coil.
4. The U-type track closed.
5. Fix the wrapping material on the coil by manual or automatic mechanical hand (optional).
6. Start wrapping.
7. The wrap finishes and sealed manually or by the automatic mechanical hand (optional).
8. The wrapper moves to another blocker roller station for the next packing (optional).
9. Offload the packed coil to prepare for another new packaging.

## Jinglin Company Strength
Some of the key strengths of Jinglin Company are:

1. Advanced Technology: Through continuous innovation, R&D investment, product development, and technical polishing, Jinglin has developed many advanced products and hundreds of domestic initiative technologies.
2. Diverse Products: Jinglin offers more than 200 types of packaging machines and professional solutions for 18 industries, including steel, aluminum, copper, plastic pipe, wire products, bar products, and more.
3. Rich Experience: With rich experience gained from long-term work in R&D, production, and customer service, Jinglin can provide custom solutions for different needs and pain points of the industry.
4. Good Service: Jinglin believes in providing good service to its customers. Service is the continuation of technology and production and the beginning of the next development. Jinglin’s customer service offers customers a smooth and seamless experience.

## Conclusion
The automatic master aluminum coil stretch wrapper with multiple roller stations is a highly efficient, automated, and practical packing machinery that ensures efficient wrapping of jumbo coils of steel, aluminum, copper, and wire. Jinglin’s automatic master aluminum coil stretch wrapper machine integrates the latest technology to provide reliable and hygienic packaging for your products. With Jinglin’s rich experience in providing customized solutions for various industrial needs, it’s an excellent choice for manufacturers who want to optimize their packaging processes.