May 29, 2023

When it comes to material handling, one of the most important considerations is how to safely and efficiently handle pallets. Pallets are an essential element in transporting goods, and being able to move them easily can make the entire logistics process smoother and quicker. That is why pallet inverters are such a valuable tool. They enable the user to turn a pallet over, making it easy to swap out damaged pallets or re-arrange goods. In this article, we will review the key features and benefits of the new Cherry’s Industrial SC-75P Pallet Inverter.

Load weight capacity: 4400 pounds

One of the primary features of the Cherry’s Industrial SC-75P Pallet Inverter is its impressive load weight capacity. It can handle loads up to 4400 pounds, making it ideal for storage facilities, distribution centers, and warehouses.

Load handling range: 42 to 69 inches tall

Another significant advantage of the SC-75P Pallet Inverter is its ability to handle loads of varying heights. Its load handling range is 42 to 69 inches tall, making it compatible with most standard-sized pallets. It is also designed to handle both two-way and four-way pallets, providing maximum flexibility.

180 degree pallet inversion

The SC-75P Pallet Inverter provides 180-degree pallet inversion capabilities, which make it extremely useful in the warehousing, distribution, and manufacturing industries. This feature enables the user to easily turn pallets upside down, making it much simpler to remove damaged goods or reconfigure loads.


The SC-75P Pallet Inverter is highly adjustable, enabling the user to set the height, depth, and load direction requirements to suit individual needs. This feature makes it easy to customize the Pallet Inverter to different tasks, ensuring that it remains versatile in different scenarios.

Alternative to Load weight capacity: 4400 pounds – Load handling range: 42 to 69 inches tall – 180 degree pallet inversion – Adjustable …

If you are not able to find a pallet inverter with the above features, you may want to consider the new Cherry’s Industrial SC-75P Pallet Inverter. It provides all of the benefits of a pallet inverter, with extra features, such as a 4400-pound load weight capacity, compatibility with pallets of varying heights and two-way/four-way pallets.


If your business involves moving goods on pallets, the Cherry’s Industrial SC-75P Pallet Inverter could significantly improve your process. Its 180-degree pallet inversion, adjustable features, compatibility with various pallet sizes, and ability to handle loads up to 4400 pounds make it an ideal tool for warehouse, storage facilities, and manufacturing environments. The SC-75P is robust, easy to use, and fully adjustable, meaning that it can be customized to suit specific needs and requirements. By investing in a Cherry’s Industrial SC-75P Pallet Inverter, you can enhance your material handling processes, which should help improve efficiency and productivity, saving you time and money in the long run.

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