May 29, 2023

Roll Shrink Packing Machine: The Perfect Solution for Wrapping Rolled Objects

Do you need to wrap rolled objects like blanket rolls, cloth rolls, etc? The Roll Shrink Packing Machine is an automatic wrapping equipment designed to wrap rolled objects efficiently, thus making them well arranged and sealed, looking clean and tidy for storage, sales, and transportation purposes.

The Roll Shrink Packing Machine comes with a sealing part that takes care of feeding, film releasing, sealing, cutting, and shrinking operations for automatic operation. The machine can be combined with an automatic production line for shrink wrapping. The sealing part has several unique features such as constant temperature heat sealing and cutting system suitable for PE or other industrial standard shrink films, a photo sensor for detecting the products position, and a unique film releasing and cutting system that is safe, convenient, and stable.

Additionally, the Roll Shrink Packing Machine has two feeding modes, both auto and manual mode can be chosen, and it can work with rolled objects whose length is up to 1500mm and roll diameter is ≤300mm. Its conveyor speed is about 4-9m/min, while the sealing part power consumption is about 4KW. The Roll Shrink Packing Machine’s power supply is 380V,50HZ 3phase, and its air supply is 6~8kgf/cm2.

The Roll Shrink Packing Machine also comes with a shrinking tunnel that has an easy operation, high efficiency, and perfect shrinking effect. The tunnel has features such as a recirculate heating system that consumes less electrical energy by minimizing heat loss, durable, high-quality components, and rugged construction that provides continuous operation with minimal maintenance. The tunnel’s speed conveyor ensures uniform shrink & is adjustable to meet production requirement while the air control baffles allow complete control of air volume & velocity from the top, sides & bottom.

Lastly, the Roll Shrink Packing Machine comes with technical data such as a tunnel length of about 3000mm, heating power consumption of about 30Kw with 4PCS heaters, and one group of cooling fans. Besides, its heating mode is electrothermic type, while its conveyor speed is about 4-9m/min, adjustable by the converter, and its temperature ranges from 100℃-220℃, adjustable.

In conclusion, the Roll Shrink Packing Machine is the perfect solution for wrapping rolled objects efficiently. You can get it from China at a cheap price, and it comes with suppliers and manufacturers’ guarantee.

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